Bioenergetic Information Management – How to manage your own power, energy and well-being

Bioenergetic Information Management - How to manage your own power, energy and well-being

Heiko Wenner’s new book “Bioenergetic Information Management”
Heiko Wenner teaches readers of “Bioenergetic Information Management” how they can protect themselves from energy robbers.

People often feel like they don’t have enough energy to get through their hectic life as life is pretty demanding for most people. So, would it not be nice if people could manage their own power, energy and well-being in a way that makes them feel more energetic and alive? It seems impossible because there are a multitude of internal and external influences which are beyond people’s control. Heiko Wenner, building biologist, bioenergy expert and healer has spent a lifetime delving into this very topic and has some good news for the readers of his new book. As part of his research, he has dealt with vital energy, the transfer of energy and the self-healing powers of humans. His findings: everything is a vibration, and every vibration has its own specific frequency. People can use these vibrations to their own advantage.

The book “Bioenergetic Information Management” by Heiko Wenner demonstrates how to use a groundbreaking method for more energy and well-being. Readers  learn how they can influence their vital energy in a simple way by themselves, how to protect themselves from energy robbers, how to support the organism‘s self-healing powers, and why the future belongs to vibration medicine. The authors also explains how readers can use their very own Bioenergetic medicine cabinet. It is a great book with easy to understand instructions which will help many people with getting through their busy life without feeling like a burnt-out battery.

“Bioenergetic Information Management” by Heiko Wenner is now available from tredition or can be ordered through retail using ISBN 978-3-7497-1699-9. tredition assists young and unknown authors with publishing their own books, but also cooperates with publishers and publishing houses. tredition publishes books in print and digital formats, distributes locally and online, and actively markets all titles.

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