Explains Benefits of Wearing Sustainable Leather Explains Benefits of Wearing Sustainable Leather

Oftentimes, a person may ask themselves, Is it okay to wear leather? All of which depends on your personal preference. According to, millions of people have already begun to switch from traditional leather to instead wearing eco-friendly and sustainable leather products, which is produced without the use of hazardous chemicals. Leather isn’t exactly an animal-friendly product, which is why many people frown upon those who wear leather. Sustainable leather is made from animals that are raised for their meat, which in terms of leather production is the eco-friendliest way to produce leather. By using the leftover byproducts provides leather manufactures the ability to create environmentally friendly products, which reduces the carbon footprint left on our planet. Our planet is in crisis. But until we call it a crisis, no one will listen.

There are many clothing brands such as Parker Clay, who produce high-quality products, which are made entirely from sustainable leather. For more information on sustainable leather, read more here. Here are some of the benefits of wearing products made from sustainable leather.

Just as Durable as Regular Leather

Sustainable leather is just as durable as regular leather, the only difference between the two is one is made ethically. This will include tanneries that use recycled water and all-natural vegetable-based dyes. Sustainable full-grain leather can last for years as long as it’s conditioned regularly and well taken care of.


There is nothing that looks more stunning than a new pair of leather boots or handbag; this may end of costing you thousands of dollars, which is well worth it. Marc Jacobs, Michael Korrs, Alessandro Michele, and Frida Giannini all have in common, which is their love of leather. There are many reasons to love leather such as it’s comfortable, durable, but most importantly beautiful. Leather is one of the most versatile materials in the world, it’s used to produce, handbags, shoes, jackets, furniture, and even tiles.

Vegetable Tanning Vs Chromium Tanning

Let me first take a minute and explain leather tanning. Tanning is the process that transforms animal skin into an actual piece of leather. The process involves removing water molecules from the skin. This process can leave the skin dry and inflexible, which requires soaking the skin in tannins to help dehydrate the leather. Using chrome tannins will produce thinner and softer leather, which requires placing the hides in a chemical bath that will often contain toxic chemicals such as Chromium, Arsenic, Formaldehyde, and other toxic ingredients. All of these chemicals have a massive impact on our environment. Vegetable tanning has dates back thousands of years, which relies on tannins made from natural ingredients such as bark and chestnut. Vegetable tanning uses biodegradable ingredients, which produces thicker and more durable leather.

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