AnnaLynne McCord and former NFL safety Kerry Rhodes in The Medicine, a Stuart Townsend narrated documentary exploring the history, culture & science of the ancient Amazonian plant Ayahuasca

AnnaLynne McCord and former NFL safety Kerry Rhodes in The Medicine, a Stuart Townsend narrated documentary exploring the history, culture & science of the ancient Amazonian plant Ayahuasca
Aperture Media Productions and Alma Werks produced feature documentary to debut theatrically August 28th!

LOS ANGELES – Aperture Media Productions announced today that feature documentary The Medicine directed by Farzin Toussi will debut theatrically August 28th. Narrated by Stuart Townsend (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Chaos Theory, Battle in Seattle), the film features AnnaLynne McCord (Excision, Transporter 2, Fired Up!) and former NFL safety and actor Kerry Rhodes (Tragedy Girls, If Loving You Is Wrong, General Education) and was produced by Colet Abedi (Unsealed: Alien Files, American Heiress, Fashion House), Jared Underwood (John Wick, Mother’s Day, Teen Spirit) and Toussi.

The Medicine chronicles McCord and Rhodes as they embark on a journey of personal discovery and healing through the use of the sacred Amazonian plant medicine, Ayahuasca, guided by shaman and ethnobotanist, Taita Juanito, one of the youngest spiritual leaders from the Inga tribe in Colombia, descendants of the Inca. The medicinal plant was discovered by the indigenous people thousands of years ago. How these people came to discover Ayahuasca and the traditions that it birthed, still remain a mystery to the scientific community.  The ancient medicinal plant is now being studied and used to treat PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction and other diseases. The film incorporates testimonies of those from the scientific community, such as respected botanists, sociologists and chemists.

“We practice the medicine to return to the origin of creation and the origin of life,” Taita Juanito explains of his work.  As a doctor of the indigenous community of the Colombian Amazon, Taita Juanito walks the path of the Yagé (Ayahuasca), and his family comes from a long lineage of traditional botanists.

Ricardo Diaz Mayorga, a sociologist explains, “Yagé is a way to enter what they call in psychology or psychiatry, the immense continent of the unconscious.”

“After my first encounter with Ayahuasca, I knew I wanted to make this film. There is so much inaccurate information about this profoundly important medicine, so we wanted to make a film that dispelled many of the myths and introduce Ayahuasca to the West in an accessible way–an Ayahuasca 101, if you will,” said Toussi of his directorial debut.

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