Female Stunt Driver Olivia Summers Featured in 2019 Commercials, Television, and Feature Films

Female Stunt Driver Olivia Summers Featured in 2019 Commercials, Television, and Feature Films

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – August 21,  2019 – Olivia Summers (https://www.oliviasummers.com) has been hard at work these past few months working on some new projects with the TV series Shameless, Ford Motor Company, and Hulu. Olivia performs stunts in commercials, movies, and television shows.

We are Shameless! Lucky Olivia got to work with William H Macy. Look out for season 10 coming in November!

Olivia also just completed an amazing project with her clients at Zubi Agency for FORD, Latin market. Olivia Summers was quoted, “There’s nothing cooler than shooting in Lancaster in 105-degree heat in a convertible FORD Bronco! I was smokin”.

Dollface, coming to HULU, gave Olivia the distinct privilege of being the only female stunt driver with a large truck and bus license and put it to good use on HULU’s new show DOLLFACE! Check for Olivia driving the bus, doubling as the cat lady bus driver.

Olivia is one of only female performance stunt driver in Los Angeles with a Class B license to drive large trucks and buses. This means more fun and action for Olivia, which is exactly what she wants. Olivia started out as a professional dancer and trained at the world famous Alvin Ailey Dance School in NYC.  As a child she raced snowmobiles at her Dad’s cottage in Canada.

In an environment dominated by men, Olivia has broken through and made a name for herself in the industry. Olivia is high-octane talent, fueled by focused, powerful skill—with a wicked sense of humor that stands up to any challenge.

Stay up to date with Olivia Summers vast credential reel at https://www.oliviasummers.com/

About Olivia Summers (https://www.oliviasummers.com/)

Olivia Summers, https://www.oliviasummers.com/ is a female professional stunt/performance driver in Los Angeles. Olivia was born in Toronto, Canada with an exotic mix of an East Indian and a German/Hungarian descent. She has worked on over 100 high-profile commercials, famous Hollywood movies and TV dramas as a stunt driver.

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