Bin Zayed Group’s global oil chain and BBOSS reached a strategic cooperation

Recently, Top investment master in the world, Prince of Abu Dhabi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bin Zayed Group, His Excellency Sheikh Khaled Bing Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Sovereign Fund,chaired the “Global refueling chain OPC Strategic Cooperation Seminar” in Bangkok,Thailand. The Bin Zayed Group, a partner from 50 countries around the world, held a one-day strategic discussion on the use of the BBOSS accounting tool to launch the global refueling chain. Finally reached a consensus that the OPC global refueling system uses the BBOSS accounting tool as a third-party tool for OPC points.

Liu Shijiang, secretary general of the China Aviation Rescue Alliance, attended the seminar and reached a strategic cooperation intention on the cooperation between the Air Rescue Association and OPC.

(BIN ZAYED GROUP, (BZG),) is a global oil, energy, bank, finance, real estate, top hotel,antique and cultural relics investment enterprise founded by Prince Sheikh Khaled Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Its “Abu Dhabi sovereign fund”, with a size of $1.3 trillion (10 trillion yuan), once ranked first in the world and now ranks second in the world.

The global refueling chain project launched by the Bin Zayed Group is the first subdivided market project based on block chain technology to solve the problem of gas stations. This project not only solves the problem of expensive refueling, The problem of the number of passengers at gas stations is due to the use of the BBOSS points tool to give all participants more benefits. The global network of global refueling chain projects will make full use of the BBOSS accounting tool, meaning that the physical application of BBOSS tools is rapidly expanding to more areas around the world.

The cooperation with the China Aviation Rescue Alliance also applies the oil chain to people’s livelihood, refueling BBOSS Token to let more consumers feel the convenience and benefits of BBOSS accounting tools to their lives.

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