S BLOCK 1000 Pax Interstellar Quantitative Summit Convenes in Bangkok

S BLOCK 1000 Pax Interstellar Quantitative Summit Convenes in Bangkok

On August 21st, “S BLOCK Interstellar Quantitative Summit” officially convened in Bangkok, Thailand!

Over 1500 people join the summit. Leading by the theme of “interstellar quantification”, global innovative blockchain players gathered together, and created unlimited technological possibilities!

Interstellar Quantification Assists S BLOCK to be Further Technologized

S BLOCK is a brand-new multi-currency, cross-chain technology wallet from Switzerland, which jointly issued by S BLOCK foundation, Cloud Capital, Top Line, DAF, Stanford Blockchain Research center, MIT Media Lab and Cambridge Financial Alternative Center. Since its launch on June 15, it has become a popular technological block wallet shortly, and bring a generous revenue of 6-15% per month for its millions of users.

Interstellar quantification is S BLOCK’s biggest source of revenue. Interstellar quantification is to realize timely capital exchanges with the quantification team under the agreement of Interstellar loan contract, so as to enlarge the capital scale at the fastest speed and lock up trading opportunities. Compared with the complicated traditional capital audit process, interstellar quantification can capture opportunities faster and generate higher returns by invoking considerable funds. The advantage brought by interstellar quantification process brings S BLOCK an opportunity to cooperate with the top teams in the world. In addition to the usage of advanced interstellar quantification, S Block also allocates its funds to 30 top quantification companies in the world, so as to maximize profits and minimize risks. 

The profit of quantitative trading does not come from the rise and fall of the currency price, but from the fluctuation of the market. For example, bitcoin has fluctuated more than 200 times in the past month, which means that there are 200 trading opportunities. While ordinary team A.I. can capture fewer than 10 trading opportunities among them, S BLOCK interstellar contract can increase the capture efficiency by more than five times.

At the summit, S BLOCK quantification team introduced the “Interstellar quantification” of S BLOCK in detail to all the participants, showing the infinite possibilities brought by Interstellar quantification via on-site demonstration and operation!

Launch of Super Node – MasterNodes, to Truly Realize Benefit Sharing 

S BLOCK super node MasterNodes was also officially launched at the summit, aiming to truly realize benefit sharing within the platform.

POS consensus mechanism is faster, cheaper, and more power-efficient, as a result, more than 80% types of tokens are running POS. And Staking is definitely the main way for miners to make money, so they are getting together to build a “mine pool”. The mechanism of MasterNode is to gather scattered coins from users and turn them into POS nodes of the public chain, so as to share profits within the contributors of the mining pool. 

For example, to become one of the 21 super nodes of EOS requires the node to pledge about 10 million EOS. The super nodes can participate in the profits return of more than 21 million dollars’ transaction fee per day. Therefore, the mine pool raises 10 million EOS from individual investors to participate in node election, and distributes the 1 million dollars (1/21 of 21 million) earned each day to individual investors who participate in Staking pro rata.

Lease of Data Processing Unit, realize S BLOCK powerful service performance 

The S BLOCK Data Processing Unit was also officially launched at the summit.

Data processing is undoubtedly one of the most profitable industries in the world today. With blockchain technology, everyone can participate in data processing and share the rich benefits fairly and transparently. Users can achieve the benefits by renting processors that are taking on global data-processing tasks. All tasks and revenue records are completely public. Everyone can verify the revenue and analysis strategies, which fully reflects the fairness brought by blockchain technology.

Processor leasing and revenue sharing is the first module of the S BLOCK lightning project, which also plays a role in accelerating the construction of the public chain. Through the lightning project, S BLOCK will build an unique ecosystem and create a new powerful cross-chain public chain. More and more cutting-edge technologies and superior services will be launched to achieve S BLOCK’s powerful service performance!

In addition, senior leaders of S BLOCK explained its future blueprint and global ecological layout to all guests and members. They also answered several questions like “how to revenue, how to stabilize, how to develop the global block chain ecological industry” and other highly concerned questions. This summit will be a very important sermon in S BLOCK’s development process, laying a foundation stone for S BLOCK’s global consensus and global ecological construction!

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