Karen’s Gluten Free Living is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide.

Karen\'s Gluten Free Living is utilizing Mr. Checkout\'s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide.

Best ingredients, best taste!
Delicious Gluten/Dairy Free cookies that are a cut above the rest. Taste good and feel good too with the best quality and healthy ingredients!

I started making these cookies years ago when I discovered I had a severe intolerance to gluten/dairy. I wanted to enjoy my food and as a Nutritionist/Health Coach, wanted to stay healthy too. Karen’s was created with the desire to provide others like me that are searching for that delicious and healthy treat that they can eat and still feel good. A lot of the gluten free treats out there are full of sugar and other cheap ingredients that leave you feeling bad. Some are dry and crumbly too. I wanted to offer something different. Cookies made with the best ingredients and love! These cookies can be a snack or a dessert. I have also eaten them for breakfast, especially while traveling.

I started out with just the chocolate chip cookie that is a recipe out of my book, “Gluten Free Living.” I knew that most everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie. Everyone loves it, even if they don’t eat gluten free! Then I came up with the pecan cookie. It is very popular and gives people another option. Last but not least, the Red Rock Energy bites came into existence. They contain organic beet powder to make them red and energize you just because of the great properties of beets!

These cookies are good for weddings too! People like to have options when they eat gluten free and are delighted to be able to eat these at weddings or parties. I love to take them hiking too! You can’t go wrong no matter when you eat them. I just love the fact that they not only taste delicious, but you feel great after eating them. I use lower glycemic sweeteners and add fiber and protein so you don’t get a huge blood sugar spike!

Life is too short to deny yourself of any treats. Karen’s gives you the chance to have a tasty and healthy snack without the guilt. Kids also love my cookies. It makes it easy for mom’s who are looking for healthy options for their little ones. I love when I see their smiling faces when they eat my cookies!

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