An independent artist, Trivon Takes the Air Waves

A highly talented independent artist, Trivon takes the music world by storm by producing songs that people describe as the most dazzling song one will hear for a while. He produces/creates Electronic Dance music, having started off with the subgenre of EDM called future bass, but soon moved on to his own style that he developed known as “Slide Bass.”

Trivon isa very young talented musician, and his name continuously show up continuously on Spotify and YouTube just to mention a few. Fans can’t stop hitting the download button anytime he releases any music. Also, his passion for music continues to grow every day, and his long term goal is to touch people’s lives through his music.

His tracks produced so far is on a well-documented trend of increasingly simplified chords, rhythms, and melodies. Trivon produces sophisticated and astoundingly beautiful songs that captured the world’s ear. The tracks he has produced so far include Summer on my mind, Mind, maze, Night riot, Forever, and more. His dynamic work sparkles with elements of pop, blues, bass and dance music, overflowing with infectious harmonies and vocal melodies, vivid, exhilarating rhythms, and spectrum of instrumental sounds.

Trivon picks vocals that are soothing, flexible, and smooth with an unusual and fresh tone. He captures his audience’s attention with the sweet intonation and clarity. Trivon’s thoughtful lyrics illuminate inspirational themes like happiness, hope, love, loss, heartbreak, longing, and self-discovery, making his fans always pushing the replay button whenever they’re playing his songs.

In a world where talent takes people far, Trivon will definitely be a bang. Having started his musical journey early, he’s positioning himself to take over the music world with his furry voice. His soulful sound and charisma appeal win the hearts of admiring fans everywhere any time he drops any song.

About the Artist

Trivon’s biological name is James Su. He is a 14-year-old musician that was born in Beijing, China. He recently started producing on Ableton for about a year and lots of his songs are already getting past 20k streams. He is being followed on Instagram by Famous DJs such as San Holo, and Wolfpack.

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Artist: Trivon
Name: James Su
Nickname (Also Known As): Trivon
Age: 14 years old
Label: Independent Artist

Media Contact
Company Name: Trivon
Contact Person: James Su
Email: Send Email
Country: United States