Discovering New Possibilities! Dr. Alison J. Kay’s Newly Released Book Brings Readers into More Balance for These New Times!

Saint Petersburg, FL, USA – Holistic Life Coach, Dr. Alison J. Kay has now released her third book, Reasonable Dragons: How to Activate the Field of Possibilities Where Logical Magic Is the New Normal. Presenting a stellar sociopolitical narrative, Dr. Alison discusses how the world today is at the forefront of change. With patriarchal, corporate, top-down power structures becoming trivial day by day and society as a whole moving towards kindness, inclusivity, tolerance and acceptance, the pathway for a new kind of heart-centered living is more tangible than ever.

With more and more people making the noticeable effort to live consciously, Dr. Kay provides cutting edge science coupled with ancient wisdom that puts emphasis on the human heart and its own field of consciousness. Having studied psychology, subtle energy, yoga, chi gong, meditation, personal training, human potential and holistic health & wellness for multiple decades, she knows how to harness the heart’s energy to unlock new possibilities and maximize one’s potential beyond any limits. Helping her readers access their hearts’ guidance, Dr. Kay puts them on a path for success and activates within them a new gateway to a whole field of new possibilities for their lives.

Reasonable Dragons takes a deep dive into the world of one’s energy system, including the chakras. It gives readers a cutting edge, comprehensive understanding unlike any other of how the hidden aspects of their consciousness influences to limit or free them. Dr. Kay provides fascinating insights on how this also affects the entire world, its people and their collective mindset. Touching on many topics seemingly divergent as combining intuition with logic, the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine energy flows, rejection, trust, Dr. Kay provides her unique trajectory on many key phenomena at work in our lives now. Having spent a decade living in Asia to improve the results for her clients and students, she imbues positive energy transmissions through her words.

Dr. Alison J. Kay, PhD, as a Master Mind-Body Energy Medicine pioneer for over two decades, facilitates energy shifts that help a broad spectrum of people. When coupled with her Masters and first career in politics, this all gives her a unique outlook. After Asia, Dr. Kay created the Vibrational UPgrade System: a unique method that helps people attain sustainable well-being and vitality by aligning their mind, body and spirit.

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