Spirituality Among War and Death! Michael Priv’s Newly Released Sci-Fi Novel Shares Emotional Love Story Between Convicts!

San Leandro, CA, USA – Renowned author Michael Priv has now released his very first science fiction novel, The Fifth Battalion: Death is a poor excuse for dereliction of duty, an action thriller studying loyalty, honor and duty set against a hellacious, against all odds survival situation. The novel’s protagonist is Norman Bolstad: a gunnery sergeant from Baltizor Confederacy. After a failed attempt to invade the planet Earth 5,000 years ago, he now makes a living as a lab technician in San Francisco. In his struggle to escape, he finds love and spirituality where only turmoil exists.

Upon the Baltizor’s invasion of Earth, all hell breaks loose when they find the Murabi Empire already using the planet as a prison for their most dangerous criminals. The Fifth Battalion depicts a deep rivalry between the two groups. As the Baltizor people are taken in as POWs, their conquest for an escape begins. In this prison, Norman meets his love interest Linda. An enigmatic woman with a strong presence, Linda is a part of the Murabi prisoners who have received a brainwashing treatment under their ‘forever dead’ sentence. The treatment strips prisoners of their spiritual state and makes them unaware of their immortality. However, the Baltizor POWs have not received this treatment and thus, a connection develops between Linda and Norman. In this place full of decay and hopelessness, the duo finds their spiritual awakening and starts planning for an escape of epic proportions.

Michael Priv is a man of many talents. While working as an insurance adjuster at a top insurance firm, he has also garnered acclaim for his literary undertakings. With this new novel being his first science fiction novel, he has previously written popular short stories, an autobiography, a psychic healing guidebook and more. He has also delved in the world of psychic healing by extensively studying and applying Eastern religions. His extensive knowledge and spiritual outlook is very much visible in this new novel.

Michael Priv is a coveted author, insurance adjuster and a psychic healer. Born in the Soviet Ukraine, Michael moved to the United States in 1979. Against all odds, he enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh to become a construction engineer. Having realized his knack for writing, Michael started writing professionally. He has now gained a widespread audience for his work.

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The Fifth Battalion: Death is a poor excuse for dereliction of duty is now available on Amazon.com.

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RL3HZP2

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