Redefining IP protection: DEIP Intellectual Property Blockchain

DEIP IP Protection is a platform developed by a Silicon Valley blockchain technology company. DEIP allows to register document from all fields – scientific research papers, inventions, trade secrets, contracts, artwork and more – sealing them with their creation date and time.

We talked to DEIP founder and CEO Alex Shkor about the relationship between blockchain and intellectual property, and how the latter makes easier for inventors, researchers, startups, and any creative individuals to protect their assets.

– What problem do you solve with DEIP IP Protection Platform?

DEIP solves the problem of protecting sensitive data, either personal or commercial ones, from theft, competitors; currently this is regulated by patents. These are still powerful but they lack the agility needed in the 21st century. We want to make IP protection really fast and convenient.

– Can you give some examples of what’s wrong with the current IP Protection system?

Currently, issuing a patent can take 2-3 years, and you are likely to be needing more than one to be fully protected. Besides patenting your core invention, you’ll also need to regularly patent all of the incremental innovations surrounding it. If you don’t do it in time, your competitors can use the time needed for you to get a patent, building their IP around your core innovation. 

Another problem is the cost – on average, a patent in the US costs about $60k. At the same time, 97% of patents never recuperate the costs of filling them. Also to be added, that about 50% of patents expire prematurely because their owners decline to pay the required annual maintenance fees. 

So, all in all, the legacy system is outdated, and DEIP is here to change that. We want to make IP protection fast and easy to use for everyone who needs it – inventors, researchers, artists, startups, enterprises and more.

– Ok, so how can DEIP IP Protection Platform help me if I want to protect my idea?  

Our platform provides trusted digital evidence of your ownership of the idea that you can use in court for prior use defense.

The usability of the platform itself is very simple: you open DEIP app in your browser, drag a file with your sensitive data and press the “Submit” button. By doing that, you register your file in the DEIP blockchain, the date and time of the registration are recorded in our blockchain and stay there forever. If your IP is infringed (e.g. somebody sued you), but you registered your code on our platform 2 years ago on August 19th at 9:10, you will be able to prove it in court.

– What’s the role of blockchain here? 

It adds extra security; as we deal with customers’ sensitive information, this is a top priority for us. Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger that is distinguished by its ability to keep a permanent, indelible, and unalterable history of records. By registering your documents on DEIP you can be sure the date and time of registration can’t be changed.

The blockchain technology we have integrated – DEIP Intellectual Property Blockchain -is developed by our team specifically for IP management. Besides protecting your IP, your certified IP assets can be further used for monetization of your idea and content. Plus, you can use automated NDA feature to enter partnerships with big players.

On your website you say you protect intellectual property in 0.5 seconds. How is it possible?

0.5 seconds is indeed the average time needed to include a transaction into DEIP blockchain. Technically speaking, for blockchain, each registration of a file is a transaction. Transactions when grouped together form a block. When a block is formed, it’s being signed and recorded in the blockchain. This is irreversible and can’t be altered or erased, which means that your data is perfectly safe.

DEIP IP Protection platform is just a part of a big ecosystem that DEIP is building – Open Innovation Network. It includes different products built around IP assets and allowing to extract the maximum value out of them: monetize IP, establish partnerships and collaborations using automated contracts (like NDAs, partnership agreements, etc.). We also help in finding worldwide best-fitted experts to support our users projects, making unbiased rating and evaluation of projects for agile decision making and funding. 

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