Buddhist wisdom sharing platform TsemRinpoche.com is raising funds to translate works into Nepali and Tibetan

TsemRinpoche.com was started in March 2010 with an aim to spread ancient Buddhist teachings around the world that will help the people in achieving harmony and balance amidst the stressful modern lifestyle. Since its launch, the website has generated a total of 18 million views and currently, the average viewership is 355,236 per month.

One of the regular users of the website says, “Tsem Rinpoche, I love your blogs. you explain everything so well, not above people to the people. I never in my life would have thought I would see so many wonderful sights and truly stunning workmanship on the buddhas. Thanks for bringing more Buddhism into my small piece of the world in Canada. It is truly awe-inspiring and you are a great teacher for Westerners. Thank you again for your many films. Namaste”.

Considering the great response it has received from people worldwide, the website has recently been launched in Nepali and Tibetan to reach a wider audience. However, the new websites require thousands of articles and other content to be translated in the respective languages which is why they have launched a fundraiser with a goal of $10k to cover the costs of translation and miscellaneous expenses associated with the new websites.

TsemRinpoche.com features some of the most powerful teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, that help people in enhancing their relationships, and add meaning to their lives. It offers curated information from some of the wisest of scholars, authors, and ancient texts, without charging a penny to the users. All the video teachings, recordings, and high-resolution downloadable images and texts are available free of charge on the website.

TsemRinpoche.com offers 2500-year old wisdom from the Buddha to spread more peace, harmony, and balance around the world. The funds raised from the campaign will help in preserving the knowledge that benefits humanity, alleviate people’s sufferings by allowing them to see life from a different perspective, and enable the platform to expand in more languages other than Nepali and Tibetan.

Backers can also choose from the various rewards available for supporting the campaign on fundrazr.com.

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