Explains The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Life Explains The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Life

Subjective well-being, also known to some as SWB, is how an individual perceives the state of their own health. Someone complaining of symptoms defying medical explanation is experiencing a poor SWB. Is Greater Subjective Well-Being Associated With Longer, Healthier Lives? explains there have been academic studies that suggest a positive perception of one’s health promotes better actual health and longevity.

Causes and Benefits of Good Subjective Well-Being

Many of the factors that promote positive subjective well-being are the same factors that foster healthier lives in general. A proper diet and regular exercise can lead to positive SWB. Many companies like Dherbs suggest doing everything that you can to boost your self-esteem and subjective well-being. Doing so will ensure you have a happier, more fulfilled life. You can see this important link to learn more about Subjective well-being.

Subjective well-being is how healthy a person believes they are. Positive subjective well-being improves health and leads to a longer life. A positive mindset is essential to positive subjective well-being.

Social Influences on Happiness

When anyone considers their own happiness, they may tend to think of their relationships, successes and failures, and other factors of their personal life. However, another very important influence on how happy people are is the society and community in which they live. It is easy to forget how important societies and neighborhoods are to one’s happiness and health.

Can you guess what might make some societies happier than others? Much of North America and Europe have relatively high self-recorded ratings of satisfaction in life, and much of Africa is low in life satisfaction. Living in an economically developed nation that is full of opportunity is helpful because when people must struggle to obtain food, shelter, and other basic necessities, they tend to be dissatisfied with their lives. However, other factors, such as being able to trust others and being able to count on their support are also crucial to happiness within nations. Indeed, for enjoying life our relationships with others seem more important than living in a wealthy society. One factor that predicts unhappiness is conflict. Individuals in nations with high internal conflict or conflict with neighboring nations tend to experience low SWB.

Outcomes of High Subjective Well-Being

People who are happy and optimistic tend to have stronger immune systems and fewer diseases. It even affects them psychologically as people with high SWB tend to practice safety such as wearing seat belts and following their doctors’ orders. Happy people are also more popular it seems like and their relationships with others are more stable and healthier. They tend to be more involved in their communities and churches and give more of their time and money to charitable causes. It goes without saying that having a high SWB not only helps one’s self but others as well.

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