Ritz Fund is being reborn through blockchain technology

Buildx5, which is undergoing the Securities Token Offering (STO) Foundation, has produced numerous success stories through a special affiliate program.

According to Foundation officials, more than 7,000 members joined as buildx5 members, and the early members who believed and invested in the company’s vision and explanation are seeing great success with dividends and commission income.

Patrick, an early investment member, invested $ 50,000 and introduced his acquaintances. He is earning more than his current job income, and he is now an active business rather than a simple investor, promoting the buildx5 business.

Thus, there is a growing interest in operating a company that can make members successful. According to Buildx5 officials, the company is currently an investor in mining and farm petroleum operations in Canada, the United States, Ghana, Brazil and Australia and plans to invest in gold mining developments in preparation for the continued rise in gold prices following future US interest rate cuts. The company is sensitive to the global economic recession, trade wars and changes in interest rates, and is committed to protecting its investment and securing profitability.

Buildx5 plans to expand its business through promotion activities in Europe and Asia, as well as promotion activities in the United States and Latin America, and actively promote in Japan, China and Korea.

The STO market is a promising market replacing existing shares such as stocks and bonds and offers new opportunities for initial startups.

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