Blockchain + VR – this project is going to create a new world with virtual reality

VR is not a new thing. Virtual reality technology can recreate all the images that we see in reality through the combination of digital imaging technology and specific hardware; whereas Blockchain technology is known as the Internet of value that enables digital twinning and circulation of physical assets.

So, if VR is used to replicate an entire city in the network, and then the property of the Blockchain Internet of value is used to map the real world assets into the VR world, then isn’t it equivalent to duplicating a new world?

You think it is just an illusory story, but the Blockchain project – SDFS (Six Digital Financial Street) has submitted this model on its development agenda. Their goal is to ultimately duplicate a virtual reality world by continuously mapping all the cities in the VR world, and then use the Blockchain token economy to enable actual asset circulation in the virtual world.

First, 3D version of the SimCity – SDFS realizes everyone’s ideal and exceeds everyone’s imagination

The story of the movie “The Matrix” is set in virtual reality; it is a showdown between men and supercomputer. The protagonist, Neo, enters the digital world through the port behind his head and fights with the enemy. Of course, the Matrix is just a science fiction movie based on imagination. However, the protagonist is able to move freely between the virtual and the real worlds, breaking through the constraints of time and space of the human bodies; it gives us great inspiration.

1)What you think is what you see – everyone can depict their own ideals on SDFA

Through SDFS virtual reality technology, everyone can build a city of their own. Science fiction fans like futuristic city with high-rise buildings and flying cars; while artistic youth like the seclusion life in places with mountains and water; all of these ideal cities can be realized through SDFS.

The 3D stereoscopic effect brought by VR technology realizes the magical effect of ‘what you think is what you see’ in the true sense.

2)What you see is what you get – Blockchain has become a bridge between virtual and reality worlds

In addition to creating a city of your own on SDFS, physical assets can also be circulated in the virtual cities, thanks to the support of the Blockchain token economic model; token – Shell represents the role of currency in the virtual world.

We can copy all the economic activities in the real world into the virtual cities of SDFS due to the existence of the token. Commercial activities such as hiring workers to help build cities, set up stores, sell goods, entertainment, and transfer payments etc. can all be mapped back to the real world.

If you are a consumer, you can shop all the luxury stores in the world within an hour on SDFS, and then use TOKEN to pay and wait for offline stores to deliver your goods. SDFS utilizes the property of Blockchain technology to open up virtual and real world barriers and achieve true ‘what you see is what you get’.

With the abilities to build virtual cities and set up a city’s economic system, in a sense, SDFS is not just a virtual technology, but an alternative reality.

Second, Occupy half of the global population’s life; half of the world’s wealth will be generated on SDFS

Due to the magical effects of ‘what you think is what you see’ and ‘what you see is what you get’, billions of people in the world will spend half of their lives in the virtual cities of SDFS that they have built; correspondingly, half of the wealth of all mankind will also be generated in the SDFS virtual cities.

1) Goes beyond the limitations of time and space – business activities are magnified by countless times

People spend, consume, socialize and make payment transfer in the SDFS virtual world, and nearly half of their personal consumption will be generated in the world. Since there is no physical space limitation in the virtual world, all products can be displayed and sold to all users around the world at the same time.

In addition, as there is no day and night cycle like in reality, business activities in the SDFS cities will run 20 hours without interruption, thereby magnifying the business activities by countless times.

2) Equal distribution of wealth – rewrites the structure of global wealth.

As a result, a new wave of wealth distribution has begun. Nearly half of all mankind assets will be redistributed; the wealth redistribution scale is probably the largest since the introduction of private ownership of property.

With this global wealth distribution, it will create countless new riches, tycoons, aristocratic families and business upstarts. Of course, those who enter early will held various scarce resources and people with deep faith will get to enjoy the dividend brought by its development; the key to seizing this wealth redistribution opportunity is to move faster than others and become the first men in the virtual world.

We can see that the SDFS era that connects virtual world and reality has gradually arrived.

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