Skyhost Kenya Boasts of the Fastest Web Hosting speeds in Kenya

Skyhost Kenya Boasts of the Fastest Web Hosting speeds in Kenya

Professional ​Web hosting in Kenya​ allows for better search engine positioning. ​ This advantage directly favors the results of the page. It is achieved with a good ​SEO​ strategy. Which allows you to have more visits and more sales. It also gives the customer rapid growth through scalable hosting, with optimal uptime. 

Important details when choosing a professional Web hosting in Kenya

It is beneficial that the websites have a Kenyan IP, with free SSL certificates installed by the company, and with servers based in Kenya, for a better arrival to the public throughout the country.  Another very important detail is the cost. But something very interesting to note is that due to the high competition that exists in the Kenya web hosting market there are ​web hosting companies​ that offer a quality-price ratio that is unmatched and very tempting.

“​Be careful with some hosting providers that have economical services, but once the website is hosted there, it turns out that the services available are very limited​,” said John Kimathi, CEO ​Skyhost Kenya​.

Main features that a professional hosting in Kenya should include

Professional hosting companies include in their services everything that the client needs, also providing the best price:

● Technical support is by chat, mail or telephone, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

● Optimized servers, with SSDs

● Migration and optimization of the website

● Own domain and free SSL certificate

● Making daily backups in remote and automatic

● Professional panel management and CDN

● Almost unlimited benefits, such as data transfer, hosted domains, emails, FTP access, and database.

Accessing the plans offered by Skyhost Webhosting company is very simple: you can access the company’s website and choose the most appropriate package for the client’s needs or the one that best suits your budget. 

As a first step, personal data is entered, domain registration or migration of website is performed. At that time the payment is made. They also offer affordable ​domain registration in Kenya​.

Choosing companies that have the advantage of being one hundred percent Kenyan offers several additional advantages that are customer service and technical support that is entirely in English or Swahili, and that the servers themselves are based on the country, as already said. 

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