Coolsculpting Is Usually A Quick And Comfortable Process That Is Gaining More Popularity

Tackling obesity and exploring ways of losing weight are more complex areas than one might initially think: the often confusing proliferation of quick-fix medication and ever-changing dietary fads can understandably make a member of the general public uncertain about what to do.

When selecting a means of tackling excess fat, it can help to understand the science behind it. This is particularly useful when comparing cosmetic treatment with the more traditional methods of weight loss. How many people realise that the number of fat cells in their bodies are established during teenage years – or that losing weight doesn’t actually remove fat cells; it just makes them smaller?

The Canada CoolSculpting Clinic has looked into the debate as it assesses weight loss against its CoolSculpting technology, which is a treatment growing in popularity and one which exploits the natural processes of the body. It offers a more permanent solution whereas weight loss can only reduce the size of fat cells and not actually eliminate them; the CoolSculpting technology aims to remove 20-25% of fat cells in any given treated area.

CoolSculpting is built around the science of selective cryolipolysis, where the body naturally sheds dead cells, and does this by freezing fat cells to the point that the body will rid itself of them. Freezing temperatures are applied through a CoolSculpting device, which kill the fat cells but avoid damaging the surface of the skin and any nearby healthy cells and tissue.

The issue of fat cells and the justification for removing them is linked to modern diets and our increased consumption of fatty foods. Excess fat is not always able to be processed by our livers, leaving only one destination for it – fat cells. Removing them removes the problem of excess fat in our bodies.

The natural process of removing dead cells involves inflammatory cells essentially digesting them, as they do with any cellular organism they deem to be a threat to our health and wellbeing. Once they are gone, they are unable to come back, producing a more permanent fat loss process than more traditional weight loss methods.

“While the CoolSculpting process does not actually shed weight, it is body shape and overall appearance where the greatest effects will take place,” said a spokesperson for the Canada CoolSculpting Clinic. “People fit into their clothes better and have a general shape and physique that they are more comfortable and confident with, which is what we find people are really seeking when they set out to lose weight.”

CoolSculpting is usually a quick and comfortable process that is gaining more popularity – and, like all non-invasive procedures, it does not have the painful elements of surgery nor the long recovery times and potential damaging effects to the body, such as bruising and scarring.

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