MyVoice, the powerful new AI translator in 75 languages is making communication easy around the world

MyVoice is a smart new AI translator device that can translate into 75 languages and makes communication easy and effective around the world. It is one of the most powerful translators developed so far that helps travelers connect with people around the world without any language barriers. With this device, there would be no struggle of finding a restaurant, or local attraction in a foreign country but the user can simply click a button to translate to any of the listed languages. It helps the user in growing both personally and professionally, beyond any language limitations.

It is highly important to understand what others are saying. Unless you have cleared up the static in all your communications, you are going to miss out on some important details. This is an issue that business-people and academics come up against constantly, and yet almost no one has equipped himself or herself with the right tools. MyVoice AI translator comes in 8 system languages and 75 translation languages. It works on 4G network, is Wi-Fi accessible and the users can access the Chinese English translation even when they are offline. With a 97% accuracy rate, AI translator is the all in one device that the business professionals, travel bloggers, and leisure travelers need with them to travel and explore effortlessly.

Key features of the MyVoice AI translator:

  • Supports 75 translation languages and 8 system languages
  • Works on 4G Network and Wi-Fi
  • Face to face translation
  • HD photo translation using inbuilt 13 Megapixel camera
  • Recording translation
  • Le Chat (Multi-person translation)
  • Portable Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth Headset support
  • 1A Fast charging
  • Dual Microphone Noise reduction
  • High accuracy of 97%
  • 150 hours standby

The Le Chat option enables the users to invite up to 500 My Voice AI translator users to conduct multi-machine communications. The photo translation option helps the users in the reading menu, road signs, shopping labels, instructions, etc. MyVoice makes it convenient for the users to shop in the mall, eating and ordering food, sightseeing, connecting with the locals, finding popular attractions, and explore business opportunities while traveling to a foreign country. In addition, MyVoice is a compact device that easily fits into the pocket or purse. The users can select from three colors: Starry Sky, Modern Silver, and Dark Blue.

MyVoice is currently running a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $38,835 that will cover the cost of mass production and marketing of MyVoice. The backers can pre-order the device at an attractive super early bird price via contributing to their Kickstarter campaign page.

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