Streaming platforms with a social conscience – where Netflix can’t compete

Streaming platforms with a social conscience - where Netflix can’t compete

London, United Kingdom – Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) services is an ever-growing sector of the entertainment industry. There are mainstream services like Netflix and Hulu as well as a growing niche of specialty services. This ranges from Docsville for documentaries and History Hit for history content. Standing up to giants like Netflix is no easy task – but certain SVOD services show promise in this area. One such service is the live comedy SVOD, NextUp Comedy

NextUp is a site streaming live comedy for subscribers. It seeks to generate revenue as a business and for comedians while also spreading a positive message of social change. Netflix offers pre-recorded comedy specials, but not with the social conscience of NextUp. The social conscience arises from creating a community for artists as well as members. By creating a platform for underrepresented people and messages in the comedy world, NextUp seeks to change narratives worldwide. 

NextUp also seeks to practise social awareness through intentionality of messaging. This means providing a platform for difficult topics to be shared with humor. By amplifying voices with the influence and power of live comedy, this is accomplished. Underlying messages are center stage at NextUp. It can help break taboos around topics like mental health, social exclusion, disabilities, abuse, OCD, infertility, anxiety, and much more. All of these topics have been touched upon by the NextUp artists.

In addition to the socially conscious message, NextUp provides a platform for artists changing the face of the comedy industry. This is accomplished in several ways – including awareness of gender imbalance in comedy. NextUp also provides space for a diverse range of identities and backgrounds. This widens the representation within stand-up comedy as well as the range of interested audience. The socially conscious message of, “comedy for everyone” is reflected in these decisions. Comedy that reflects humour and experiences of a range of people is comedy for everyone. 

NextUp is a leader in the realm of mission-driven startups. This is exemplified through various actions, such as bringing stand-up comics straight to patients dealing with Alzheimer’s. It might not compete with Netflix behemoths in bottom-lines and budget, but it does compete for community and connection. NextUp is a growing platform where subscribers feel included and involved in the process and where comics have a voice and room to grow. 

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