Outdoor Lifestyle Expert Shares Experience and Advice on the Latest Outdoor Equipment

Memphis, TN – Outdoor Lifestyle Expert has updated their site with the latest advice and recommendations on all aspects of outdoor gear. Ranging from general camping advice, to choosing a tent, to DIY-waterproofing gear, their site is packed with helpful information for the outdoor adventurer. The company’s series of posts on camping tents goes further in-depth than most other authorities on the market, cementing their reputation as a go-to for hikers and more. Their attention to detail in their posts is what helps Outdoor Lifestyle Expert stand out from the crowd.

The website currently has five extensive articles pertaining to outdoor living. Their articles are not posted to meet a weekly word count, but rather uploaded once the team feels they have researched the topic as extensively as they could. Their first ever article, titled “How to Choose a Tent”, includes expert advice on the large investment of buying a tent. The article’s author explains different examples of what customers could be looking for in the size of their tent, as far as accounting for campers who like to bring their dogs on trips. For those who like keeping their gear inside the tent, Outdoor Lifestyle Expert recommends buying certain bigger tents that are sure to accommodate all kinds of gear and luggage.

Also discussed by the articles and guides is tent wall design, which is important to enjoying a camping trip. The site compares and contrasts single and double walled tents. The posts contain upfront and honest reviews, including telling customers about the negatives of single-walled products. Following wall design is discussion of height and weight. Many campers think about the weight before the height due to the fact that they’ll have to carry it to their destination. Outdoor Lifestyle Expert adds a reminder to note the height – if forgotten, campers could feel cramped in their tents without being about to sit up. The site includes insider knowledge, including camping hacks like subtracting two inches from the tent’s general height to find the inside height.

Lastly, Outdoor Lifestyle Expert reminds campers to look out for additional features that come in handy on trips. The advice includes watching for well placed windows and doors and making sure the rain fly is resistant to strong winds.

While Outdoor Lifestyle Expert builds up its array of posts, it’s clear that they’re committed to covering every aspect of camping in great detail. Each guide currently posted include in depth information and professional advice. They include everything common and things not commonly thought of, covering all bases to ensure buyers are completely satisfied with any purchase.

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