El Distro’s expansion into North African market dawns in a new era in North African music industry

El Distro Network helps musicians and music artists with a comprehensive range of career support system including digital distribution in popular channels, custom marketing, YouTube monetisation and so on.

Cork, Ireland – August 23, 2019 Leading MENA record label company El Distro Network is pleased to announce its recent expansion in the North African market. Founded by Irish-Tunisian musician Amer Nejma, El Distro specialises in supporting music professionals with promotion and distribution of their music. The expansion ushers in a new chapter in the history of North African music industry as El Distro is the first company in North Africa to extend career support services to music talents in the region. 

Launched in 2017, El Distro is already backed by a long roster of esteemed musicians including some of the most popular names of contemporary music, such as Zaza show, Meriem Nourdine, Stxev Abidov  as well Tunisian Rap sensation Weld El 15.  Mr. Anis Silman is the Head of the Social Media of the company who shoulders the advertising projects for the musicians here. Mr. Amer’s long-time friend, Mr. Silman is an advertising guru and has played a significant role in the foundation and expansion of El Distro.

As per the words of Mr. Amer, the contemporary music industry shows fierce competition, especially for emerging artists. A musician today is not only supposed to create, sing or perform great music but s/he would also have to shoulder the tasks of promoting, distributing and selling his/her music. And, that’s a huge burden for them and prevents them from focusing on what matter to them the most- their music.


“We are glad to announce our recent expansion in the North African market in the mid quarter of this year. The North African music artists have long suffered from the lack of a solid support system that can help them with the promotion and distribution of their music. But, not any more. With our new branch in North Africa, musicians here now have a solid career support system who will take care of their career, help them to focus solely on their music and take their career to the next level”, stated Mr. Amer. 

El Distro offers a comprehensive range of career support services and solutions to the music artists and professionals. The company helps with digital distribution of music to hundreds of world’s most popular international outlets including, Deezer, iTunes, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify. Although El Distro takes care of music distribution of musicians yet the musicians are able to keep 100% control of their music rights.

The company also helps musicians with YouTube monetisation and music publishing administration services. Other career support services offered by El Distro include custom marketing assistance (customised graphic design for album, logo, EPK etc.) and mixing and mastering services. The company stresses on taking a personalised approach for every client so that the specific career needs of each artist or performer can be addressed at their best. 

“We are your one-stop partner to sell and promote your music in dominant channels and earn hefty royalties. We will provide you with all the tools you will need to transcend your career to the next level. We will support you at every step possible when it comes to promoting, distributing and monetising your music so that you can have your 100% concentration on music and reach at the peak of your career.” 

For more, please visit https://eldistronetwork.com/.

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