Obol Announces Launch of the World’s First Posthumous Messaging Service

Obol Announces Launch of the World’s First Posthumous Messaging Service
Let your words be your legacy. This exclusive, life-changing app distributes messages to contacts posthumously.

Santa Monica, CA – The Obol Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of The Obol App, the only message storage and delivery service to distribute messages to contacts posthumously. Available on both the Apple AppStore and Google Play for Android, the app allows users to create written, video and audio messages along with file attachments for family, friends, and personal and professional acquaintances.

Now live in 155 countries throughout the world, Obol is making a significant impact on people’s lives.

Says President and CEO Mir Ahmad: “Our mission is for Obol to become the largest repository for the unsaid thoughts of the human conscious and subconscious mind, to help create legacies and inspire future generations to appreciate the importance of living their best life.”

Obol is proving to be a huge comfort to people who are embracing the opportunity to contemplate their legacy and pass on important messages, stories, instructions or information. With an easy-to-use interface, the app is completely free from advertising and data sharing. Messages are stored on Obol’s secured servers, and no one will know of their existence or content until they are confidentially sent to the chosen recipient through the app.

Obol has created a gateway to deliver your last words, which until now has not been traditionally possible. ‘The posthumous messenger’ is already receiving rave reviews from appreciative customers the world over, and is currently available with a one month free subscription for a limited time.

For more information, visit the website at www.theobolapp.com.

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