Abbenhuis Textiel Leading The Charge For Its Industry In The Netherlands

Abbenhuis Textiel and its most prominent brand, Beeren Bodywear, has seen immense successes over the years, in part thanks to its high-quality products and the great availability of its Online Store, which has potential to extend further than what it is right now.

Arnhem, The Netherlands – The Owner/Director of Abbenhuis Textiel, Ruud Abbenhuis, wants to state that his notable brand of Beeren Bodywear is selling the highest quality underwear and undergarments for everyone at their online store, and the business will also be a great presence in the following years’ Huishoudbeurs Fair, which is supposed to take place at Utrecht.

Abbenhuis has had a very challenging journey in life, but something which through sheer dedication and hard work has seen success in the underwear industry. He made moves into different markets and gained an unparalleled understanding across each and every one of them. That’s the reason why his underwear business was able to grow so drastically to such a great extent, and it represents one of the topmost entities in the industry at the moment. One of the most consequential moves made by Abbenhuis was all about finding a place for his business online. The dividends have certainly paid off, and Beeren Bodywear Online Store continues to witness great sales and undeniable growth with passing time.

The Beeren Store is the largest of its kind out there, and it certainly reflects one of the best places for people to get their hands upon the highest quality commodities. These products come in a variety of specifications and factors, and they are quite affordable as well. Not only is the Store home to Beeren, but other brands as well. These include such highly attractive names as Maxx Owen, J&C Underwear as well as many other active entities out there available locally. Beeren Bodywear also has special products like the Therma Underwear, which specifically keeps the body warm even in extremely cold weather.

Beeren and Abenhuis are also quite proud that they have acquired almost 3,000 online reviews over the years, which are, in large part, very positive among the end customers. The underwear brand is also available upon the largest Dutch online store,, and continues to sell quite well. If you need any more information about Abbenhuis Textiel and Beeren Bodywear, they can be resolved with this link:                   


Ruud Abbenhuis is the Owner/Director of Abbenhuis Textiles, as well as the brand of underwear and other similar wearable products under the brand Beeren Bodywear. The main source of their sales takes place through their official store itself, which has been made available online. Abbenhuis has perhaps had one of the toughest uphill battles for growing his company, as well as see-through it becoming successful over the years, and they shall continue being a large a consequential presence in the industry for quite some time into the future. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Abbenhuis Textiel
Contact Person: Ruud Abbenhuis
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +31 26 379 35 92
Address:De Overmaat 30A
City: Arnhem
State: Gelderland, 6831
Country: Netherlands