WOW Classic is full of servers, Officially advises players to build other services

WOW Classic is full of servers, Officially advises players to build other services

WOW Classic

WOW Classic has opened the role pre-creation some time ago, but a large number of players flooded into a server and brought some troubles to the official. For example, the “Herod” server of the US service has been overloaded. Blizzard predicts that when the service is officially opened, The server may have up to 10,000 people queued.

In the blue post released yesterday, the developer advised players who have already re-created the role in the US service of the Herald server and turned to the newly added server “Bloodsail Buccaneers” to play the game. According to the current pre-created situation, it is estimated that it is official. The Herod server will be “massively overpopulated” when the service is opened, and players who want to buy WOW Classic Gold on will not be able to trade.

Blizzard developers said in the blue post that if the pre-created players are still choosing to play in Herod, the number of people who log in to the game will definitely reach 10,000, and maybe even more than this. There are many. Developers suggest that players can go to Starrag to establish a role before the official reopening of other PVP servers. Players can be evenly distributed across multiple servers before the game is officially opened, providing players with the best gaming experience.

Starting at 01:00 on August 27th, WOW Classic will remove the limit of creating up to three game characters for each account of WOW Classic. Thereafter, players can create up to 10 characters on any classic nostalgic server, and a total of up to 50 characters can be created in all classic nostalgic servers.

In addition, starting at 01:00 on August 27, WOW Classic will add six new servers:

Bigglesworth – PvP
Incendius – PvP
Flamelash – PvP
Gandling – PvP
Mograine – PvP
Razorgore – PvP

Servers with current loads shown as “high” and “full” are likely to experience queues for long periods of time (more than 10 hours). WOW Classic hope that players in the “high” and “full” servers can consider choosing the new server above to avoid long queues. At the same time, it also helps to average the server population, so that all players get the best. Game experience.

WoW Classic PvE Servers:

Atiesh – Pacific
Mankrik – Eastern
Myzrael – Pacific
Pagle – Eastern

Mirage Raceway – English
Pyrewood Village – English
Auberdine – French
Everlook – German
Chromie – Russian

Remulos – Australian Eastern Time

WoW Classic PvP Servers:

Faerlina – Eastern
Fairbanks – Pacific
Herod – Eastern
Thalnos – Eastern
Whitemane – Pacific

Golemagg – English
Shazzrah – English
Gehennas – English
Sulfuron – French
Lucifron – German
Flamegor – Russian

Arugal – Australian Eastern Time

WoW Classic RP Servers:

Bloodsail Buccaneers (PvE) – Eastern
Grobbulus (PvP) – Pacific

Hydraxian Waterlords (PvE) – English
Zandalar Tribe (PvP) – English

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