SnatchBot is Making Chatbots Cooler, Smarter and More Efficient than Humans

August 26, 2019 The next time someone calls up customer support, or drops a line in a chat app, it will be very likely answered not by a human, but a machine trained, artificially intelligent chatbot. The future is in the making with the emergence of the new breed of chatbots and robotic process automation, and leading the way is SnatchBot, a company co-founded by Avi Benezra.

Chatbots aren’t going to cost a bomb, and today virtually any business can deploy these cute apps on their website, phone or other digital interfaces. The chatbots have learnt through machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and neural networks to talk and converse just as humans do. They are also alleviating a of tedious, time consuming work, freeing up staff and workers to focus on other important work.

The chat bot industry is going to be worth $1billion by 2020. Also included is robotic process automation (RPA) for large organizations. The rate of adoption too will spiral up, from 10% today to nearly 40% of large enterprises using RPA and chatbot tools. One impetus for this is cost savings to the tune of $5 trillion in a matter of five years.

Avi Benezra and his team at SnatchBot are leading in global communication, and have created the first marketplace for chatbots. The technology is meant for a wide range of applications, on websites, computers, phones, and even in cars.

SnatchBot is making chatbots smarter, more user friendly, natural to converse with and accessible. The platform is free, easy to use and deploy, and requires no coding skills. This way, SnatchBot aims to go beyond the ordinary and surprise clients with more entertainment and conversational skills, while also accomplishing the tasks, and today these are as diverse as the helpdesk, sales or subscription management.

Another innovation is SnatchApp, the messaging and calling app which can integrate with the bot platform. Unlike other chat apps, SnatchApp includes AI skills, hidden messages, scheduled messages with self-destruct feature and ability to work via internet. The app is proprietary, secured and encrypted.

We want to be the first true messaging app with powerful AI-embedded functions, which will include a virtual assistant together with access to a Bot Directory. SnatchApp will allow users to make payments (including currency exchange) to other users or third parties, such as online stores, financial institutions, and utilities, to name a few,” says Avi Benezra.

Advantages of deploying SnatchBot technology

  • Both back-office and front-end automation

  • Handle high volume client interaction and workflow

  • Streamline workflow

  • Free up time of staff and human resources

  • Automatically detect consumer frustration and bring in human resource

  • Improve existing processes

SnatchBot and SnatchApp are ideal for customer handling tasks as well as in the manufacturing sector, where repetitive tasks can be handled with RPA robots. With stakes running high when it comes to handling irate customers, these new technologies are meant to handle the situation better than previous technologies and humans.

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