Ben Sheldon offers ideas to authors in his book titled “Writer’s Quarry”

Experienced author, Ben Sheldon releases his book, “Writer’s Quarry,” where he provides writers with a mine of ideas to work with

“Writer’s Quarry” can be described as a well of ideas that authors can fetch a wealth of ideas from as they look to develop their stories. The book is an amazing resource that writers of several genres will find particularly helpful as Ben documents a whole lot of ideas in the 130-pager published by AuthorHouse with the aim of helping other writers bring to life some of his inspirations.

Writing has been described as an art and a way of expressing oneself. The world of literature has evolved the years with several creative minds using their ingenuity to provide book lovers and their fans across the globe with fantastic pieces across different genres. While literature lovers and other such persons appreciate the work of writers, many people do not know the hours of sleepless nights and brain-racking that goes into every project. It gets even more amazing as while some ideas make it to the prints; others literally follow the author to their grave. However, Ben Sheldon is looking to make a difference by ensuring that as many of his writing ideas get to book lovers worldwide by documenting these ideas and making them available for excavation by other writers.

The ideas for authors in “Writer’s Quarry” are wide-ranging, and may be developed into many genres. The compilation stems from Ben’s documentation of every story idea in a notebook with the hope of turning such ideas into a novel in the future. However, as many story plots accumulated in Ben’s notebooks, he realized that he would need nine lives to use them all up. Unfortunately, the talented writer does not belong to the cat family and has consequently offered the ideas to the world for their exploration.

The book contains something for every writer, offering the sci fi writer an interesting story idea of the aliens temporarily nullifying Earth’s gravity, before invading, in the chaos of human’s no-gravity “floating” confusion. Writers of social and political conflicts may also pursue the idea of a Palestinian, needing a heart transplant, but can only get the heart of a recently deceased Israeli Jew.

“Writer’s Quarry” is currently available on Amazon in paperback and hardcover formats for writers of all levels and genres across the globe.

About Ben Sheldon

Ben Sheldon is a talented writer of global repute. He has a bachelor’s degree from England and a Master’s degree from Massachusetts. He has lived in Europe and the US, and traveled in four continents.

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