“Fascinating Night of Huangshan” Held in Shanghai, Huangshan City Brand Celebrates Inbound Tourism, Ushers in Promising Future

On August 23 in Shanghai, “Fascinating Night of Huangshan — When Xin’an River Interacts with Huangpu River”, Huangshan — Shanghai Cruise inbound tourism promotion meeting, sponsored by the Huangshan Municipal Government and jointly sponsored by Huangshan Culture and Tourism Bureau and Ctrip Group. Mr. Li Gaofeng, the Vice Mayor of Huangshan Municipal Government, Cheng Meihong, the Vice Director of Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau, Mr. Sun Bo, the Chief Marketing Officer of Ctrip Group attended the event, Shen Chao, the Director of Major Events Office of Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau, Chen Ping, the Director of Publicity and Promotion Department of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, Fang Ying, the Vice Director of Huangshan Culture and Tourism Bureau, Wang Qiyong, President of Huangshan Wentou Group, Zhao Hui, the General Manager of Huangshan Smart Tourism Co., Ltd., Zhang Xu, the Vice General Manager of Government Resources Cooperation and the General Manager of Destination Marketing of Ctrip Group, Sun Bowen, the General Manager of Inbound Tours of Ctrip Group, Rodolfo Barrueco, the founder and CEO of Xnode, Noga Feigo, the founder and CEO of  travelchina.co.il were also invited to participate in the promotion meeting.


Inbound Tourism Promotion Meeting of “Fascinating Night of Huangshan” 

At the promotion meeting, Mr. Li Gaofeng, the Vice Mayor of Huangshan Municipal Government, said in his speech that the year 2019 coincides with the 40th anniversary of Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s “Huangshan Talk”. With the efforts of generations of Huangshan people, Huangshan city has become an internationally renowned tourist city. It receives nearly 3 million overseas tourists annually, and has also made friendship with internationally famous destinations such as Jungfrau, Yosemite National Park, Lesvos and Angkor Wat. In the first half of 2019, Huangshan City received 34.3429 million visitors, with an increase of 14.32% over the same period of last year. The proportion of visitors from the Yangtze River Delta is as high as 75%.

Speech by Mr. Li Gaofeng, the Vice Mayor of Huangshan Municipal Government

Shanghai is the leading city in the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and it is an important port for Huangshan inbound tourists. Huangshan City is promoting the work of “merging Hangzhou with Shanghai” at a high level. It will tap more cultural tourism resources and strive to build a model city of cross-regional cooperation. Taking this opportunity, Mr. Li Gaofeng, the Vice Mayor of Huangshan Municipal Government, also invited guests and friends from all over the world to join in the dream of Huangshan and enjoy the etiquette of Huizhou.

Huangshan Culture and Tourism Promotion Speech

Recently, Huangshan partnered with Ctrip to increase the appeal of the destination to inbound tourists, as well as high-speed rail travellers. At the event, Mr. Sun Bo, the Chief Marketing Officer of Ctrip Group said, “Over the past few years, there have been great efforts to improve Chinese tourism services, and we’ve already seen an increase in inbound tourist numbers as a result.”

Speech by Mr. Sun Bo, the Chief Marketing Officer of Ctrip Group

Making use of Ctrip’s platform, the “Huangshan — Wonderland on Earth” brand will receive exposure both domestically and internationally. Mr. Sun Bo remarked, “Together with Huangshan, Ctrip aims to pave the way for a new ‘tourism plus’ model, using our data and resources to provide the best possible experience to travellers.”

As an internationally renowned tourist destination, the slogan “Wonderland on Earth in China’s Huangshan” has become one of the business cards of Huangshan tourism on its going to the world. The big data report of inbound tourism in Huangshan City published on the same day showed that, benefiting from the opening of Hangzhou-Huangshan high-speed railway and overseas direct flights, inbound tourism in Huangshan increased steadily in 2018, with the number of inbound tourists increasing by 10.6%, and the consumption of various tourism products also increased significantly. The report also shows that South Korea ranks as the largest source country of tourists in Huangshan for two consecutive years, while Canadian and American tourists are growing faster than before. In terms of age distribution of tourists, young groups such as the post-80s and post-90s account for more than half of the number of inbound tourists, which indicates that Huangshan tourists have great potential in the international market.

At the promotion meeting, the five language albums of Huangshan inbound tourism, Chinese Traditional, English, Japanese, Korean and French, were officially launched on Trip.com. Ctrip will rely on its own international platform advantages to help Huangshan tourism move towards a broader global market. Since the cooperation between Ctrip Group and Huangshan Municipal Government, both sides have been working hand in hand to promote the development of inbound tourism in Huangshan, optimize the structure of tourist sources in Huangshan tourism market, and jointly shape the brand image of Huangshan international tourism. The launch of the five-language album of Huangshan inbound tourism is the integration and update of the products of Huangshan inbound tourism, the upgrading and deepening of the impression of Huangshan tourism overseas brands, and taking the opportunity of Huangshan Multi-language Tourism Page, Ctrip will create more increments for Huangshan inbound tourists with the help of internal and external traffic.

Launch Ceremony of Trip.com Huangshan Multi-language Tourism Page

On the spot of the promotion meeting, a solemn ceremony was held to award Huangshan International Citizens. Mr. Li Gaofeng, the Vice Mayor of Huangshan Municipal Government, issued a letter of award to a select Rachel Lynn Weiss, Iker Perez Resano and other  eight international KOLs and foreign media staff, naming them Huangshan International Citizens. In the coming year, the Huangshan International Citizens will work together to enhance the influence of Huangshan City as an international tourist destination among international tourists. At the same time, they will enjoy the treatment of Huangshan citizens during their visits to Huangshan City. A representative said that Huangshan is a very beautiful city and he is honored to be treated as a “citizen” of Huangshan. He hoped that with the help of the network platform, he would pass his travel experiences to more tourists around the world and let more people come to experience Huangshan’s beautiful scenery, delicacies and unique culture.

Huangshan City, known as “Huizhou” in ancient times, is one of the tourist destinations that many tourists around the world yearn for, with abundant mountain and water resources and rich cultural resources of Huizhou. In recent years, the deep integration of Huangshan’s pushing culture and tourism has vigorously supported the cultivation of new highlights of tourism. As a comprehensive strategic partner of Huangshan tourism, Ctrip Group will continue to work with Huangshan City to tap the future development potential of Huangshan tourism industry, display the multicultural charm of Huangshan in the “going out” tourism promotion activities, promote Huangshan tourism brand and tourism products to global tourists, and bring Huangshan culture, tourism, economic and other areas of comprehensive upgrading, relying on the favorable conditions of integration of culture and tourism.

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