Ethical Investment Practices Will Propel Collmann Tribbioli Into the Future

Ethical Investment Practices Will Propel Collmann Tribbioli Into the Future

FRANCE – August 26, 2019 – For years, Collmann Tribbioli has been committed to innovative investment strategies that generate returns, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness. Recent market trends have demonstrated that now is the optimal time for Collmann Tribbioli to unveil a new investment strategy: Ethical investment, otherwise known as sustainable investing or socially responsible investing.

“Assets under management in portfolios that use sustainable investing have grown to about $23 trillion globally, ” reported Forbes in a summer 2019 article titled Here’s How To Invest In A Socially Responsible Way. The article continued that this represented “an increase of more than 600% over the past decade.” This staggering increase clearly demonstrates the need for financial portfolios centered around ethical investment.

Ethical investment is an investment strategy that balances social and environmental responsibility with financial gain. Ethical investment factors in a firm’s approach to environmental, social, and governance issues — know as ESG factors. The popular MSCI KLD 400 Social Index tracks over 400 large-, mid- and small-cap companies in the U.S. that meet stringent ESG guidelines. One such example of an ethical investment-oriented firm is UniQure (QURE). This Dutch biotech company focuses on gene therapy treatments targeting serious illnesses, such as Hemophilia and Huntington’s Disease.

In response to shifting investor sentiment, and in pursuit of greater returns, Collmann Tribbioli will offer financial services and portfolio management built on the principles of ethical investment. Executive leadership believes the market will continue to favor investments that balance social and environmental responsibility. These services will capitalize on the increased market demand and will enable firm clients to gain exposure to new market opportunities.

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