the all-in-one Platform for On-Demand Services the all-in-one Platform for On-Demand Services

Earlier today Arivondemand, a service that is known for its extremely low delivery fees, has just announced that it is rolling out a new online service that has become quite popular in record time, as it allows customers to order at their convenience. Ariv Marketplace has become quite popular with a wide variety of companies, as they help facilitate customer service to a peak level. When you partner with Ariv Marketplace, you are guaranteed to gain more customers and sales, period. Competition with your competitors will become nonexistent with Arivondemand.


Arivondemand has become a trusted platform among users, thus significantly expanding its platform to several new clients over the past years. The online version is the same as the original service–it offers the same rideshare and delivery services, the same quality of service as always. Arivondemand guarantees that whatever you order through its online service will be delivered on time, straight to your desired location.

In a recent press release statement Arivondemand’s CEO and Spokesperson personally guarantee that the service will deliver within thirty minutes of the order being placed–stating that Arivondemand is the future of delivery services and has only just begun to scrape the surface of services and quality of services offered. Any business can use it–especially restaurants or other food venues. Ariv offers tamper-proof seals to ensure that our customers receive their food and/or retail purchase in a safe, reliable untampered delivery.

Arivondemand’s dedication to customer service has paid off–in the form of hundreds of positive reviews, buzzing over their services. One customer named Baxter Westeros noted in his review of the service that he had first heard of Arivondemand through a close friend and later decided to use the service to buy some Asian food. Customer service was very helpful to him as he completed his order and still raves about the product he received and how Arivondemand helped him from start to finish.

Arivondemand is the best delivery service a person can use because of their attitude towards their business. They employ lateral, as well as creative thinking to get the job done–and no job or idea, no matter who it comes from, is too crazy to be considered. Furthermore, Arivondemand has a large team of dedicated employees who do their absolute best, and then some, to make sure that their customers not only have the best delivery service available, but also the greatest rideshares they can procure–all at an affordable price.

About Arivondemand

Arivondemand is currently located in Washington, D.C., and Maryland, and hopes to expand to a city close to you in the near future. If you need rideshare, have a business where you need deliveries made or anything else similar to that–Arivondemand offers all of these services, with a thirty-minute delivery guarantee.

Join Arivondemand as it expands not only to a city near you but all over the country, the world!

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