Invisible Braces Offers Orthodontic Clear Aligner Braces at the Lowest Cost

Invisible Braces Offers Orthodontic Clear Aligner Braces at the Lowest Cost

Invisible braces offers top-quality invisible braces treatment at cost-effective prices, starting from $1650 for both arches. The maximum price for upper and lower jaw is $4850.

Sydney, New South Wales – August 26, 2019 – As the leading dental professionals, Invisible Braces in Sydney is proud to offer Top Quality Invisible braces treatment at cost-effective prices. The cost for orthodontic clear aligner braces starts from as low as $1650 to $4850 for both arches.

Invisible Braces in Sydney

When asked about their service, “The Invisible Braces system offers amazing benefits that are unmatched by traditional dental braces. It is almost invisible to the naked eye, and everyone around you won’t even notice that you are wearing braces,” replied the spokesperson of Invisible Braces.

He also added, “At Invisible Braces, we are proud to offer what is possibly the lowest price and cost for orthodontic clear aligner braces from as low as $1650!”

The cost involved in the process of fixing invisible braces is not more than traditional braces, but the professionals aim to lower the invisible braces cost in Melbourne as much as possible.

The spokesperson continued, “We offer a capped fee which means a maximum price regardless of how complex your case may be. We also provide HICAPS, Private Health Insurance Rebates for some items and flexible payment plans with interest-free periods for your convenience.”

Invisible Braces also offer monthly payment plans with no interest rates or additional costs and fees are usually much lower than the ones provided by other dental clinics.

If you are a member of a health care fund that offers dental rebates, you are possibly covered for the most part of the price of your treatment. If your insurance policy includes orthodontic coverage such as clearcorrect aligners in Sydney, Invisible braces cost and prices should be covered to the same extent as conventional or fixed orthodontic braces.

Dental treatment falls under the Medical Expenses Offsets category (T7) in an Australian Tax Return. Eligible individuals and families may claim a 20% rebate when their out of pocket expenses for dental treatment exceeds the $1,500 threshold

“We have come to realise the one thing that prevents patients from taking up an Invisible Braces treatment is costs! The clearcorrect aligners cost we use for the majority of treatments is $4850. We are absolutely dedicated to our clients, and we want to do as much as we can to help you. That is why we provide all our patients with smart and flexible monthly payment plans to help reduce your burdens. When you come in for a consultation with us, we can discuss in detail how we can make your treatment as cost-effective as possible at $4850,” concluded the spokesperson.

About Invisible Braces:

Invisible braces, the leading group of dental professionals, is committed to offering top-quality invisible braces treatment at cost-effective prices starting from $1650 for both arches. Visit for more information.

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