COW (Connection Of The World) – the Mysterious Public Chain for For Commercial Applications

COW (connection of the world) is a public chain that focuses on business applications. COW enables blockchain technology to serve the actual application of the enterprise, enhance enterprise work efficiency, improve the production relationship of the enterprise, and make the company stand out in the fierce commercial competition. COW creates a commercial matrix public chain, which helps enterprises to create more application scenarios, facilitates the efficient integration and circulation of enterprise resources, and provides one-stop comprehensive solution for enterprise blockchain services.

Any individual or organization can use the COW platform to release digital assets based on blockchain, but will be subject to review and inspection by the COW platform before accessing and issuing digital assets. The issued digital assets can be freely circulated and are not controlled by the issuer. COW is also the abbreviation for special built-in token of COW service platform, which is the value transmission medium of COW network and blockchain cloud computing fuel.

The Relationship Between COW Public Chain and Side Chain

The COW public chain and the side chain are mutually complementary. The COW provides infrastructure for the side chain, such as database interface, communication interface, account interface, etc., while side chain can supplement more nodes for COW, strengthen COW system and enrich ecology. The side chain can borrow the existing COW node computing resources to save host costs. In addition, the main and side chain protocols are interchangeable. The side chain developers can exchange the COW currency after issuing a currency in the side chain to realize value anchoring and rapid user introduction by using the huge user base of the COW main chain.


COW has the following major advantages:

Hierarchical structure system

COW adopts pow for the underlying physical network and pluggable consensus mechanism for the logical subnet of the upper intelligent contract fragment, so as to achieve the effect of adopting appropriate consensus mechanism according to requirements.

Sharding processing acceleration

The system contract of the main chain manages the generation, fragmentation, and distribution of sub-chains. The innumerable logical sub-chains separated by the COW make parallel computing possible and greatly increase the processing speed.

Asynchronous smart contract invocation

The COW adopts the asynchronous smart contract invocation, which enables the invocation and return to cross blocks without block time limit, thus greatly increasing the number of simultaneous processing of smart contracts.

Cross-chain communication

Crossing block by asynchronous smart contract enables COW to conduct atomic cross-chain operation on blockchain with different block generation time, thus becoming the underlying system of blockchain with cross-chain capability.

Building blockchain easily

After COW is launched, a new blockchain system can be established to carry out experimental verification on COW chain in the form of sub-chain, without huge extra overhead.

Extensive participation in the verification of consensus

The COW provides a flexible node access mode to support access system of mobile phones and other small computing power devices for upper smart contract verification and sharing of Dapp ecological benefits.

As a blockchain platform that can truly carry large-scale commercial landing applications, COW will realize the atomic cross-chain function, so that tokens between different blockchains can be exchanged through COW, the sub-chains between the top layers of COW can also have a good interaction function, the resources between the sub-chains can be used mutually. The COW can also absorb the community resources and technological progress of other blockchain technologies, which makes COW become an open positive circulation system. And the various DAPP developed on it will evolve into a big ecosystem.

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