Blockbuster! The TLEC has successfully applied the blockchain to commercial application

When the bubble burst, how to achieve real technology landing and penetration into large-scale life applications in the blockchain has become the most concerned issue.

At present, the blockchain has played a certain role in the flow of bills and invoices. Blockchain electronic invoices and blockchain insurance claims have been piloted worldwide. For instance, Alipay has implemented the first single blockchain insurance claim, the entire process takes only 5 seconds, from filing the application to receiving the claim.

However, with the development of blockchain technology, more scenes in life are also looking forward to the blockchain intervention. Since 2016, Bitcoin has created a lot of wealthy people, but due to the wealth creation effect of Bitcoin, the transaction delay caused by Bitcoin network jam is facing bottlenecks, which prompted the birth of Blockchain 3.0 and led to the development of digital currency and blockchain applications with more transaction speeds. In this context, TLEC came into being.

The TLEC was launched by THIRD LIFE ECOCHIAN FOUNDATION in Singapore, with Broke Pierce, founder of USDT and former partner of EOS, as consultant. The technical team of TT chain holds the technical blessing of blockchain. It is also developed by a group of highly specialized Silicon Valley talents who have served in many leading industries such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Airbnb. TLEC is based on the chain incubation theory and aims to develop a new concept of third life!

Based on the DPOS consensus-based blockchain 3.0 technology and graphene technology, TLEC improves the ease of use, operability and expandability, connecting new cutting-edge technologies such as side chains, sub-chains, cross-chains, layering, slicing, partitioning, etc. Landing applications that have been contacted and promoted in their eco-chain cover almost all areas of life: communications, media relations, community, entertainment, sports, wallets, shopping, learning, travel, immigration, MasterCard crowd funding, self-media function, exchange and many other decentralized APP(DAPP), and embedded in the chain incubation, consensus contracts and other mechanisms to broaden the extensibility of block chain 3.0;  with the help of the chain autonomous community committee system, the consensus, co-construction and sharing of the block chain community will be ensured in all directions, and the block chain will truly permeate and land in all aspects of life, so as to form an all-round and high-quality third life ecological circle from application creation to value generation and return to the landing of users!

The TELC Eco-chain is the world’s first public chain dedicated to building a blockchain ecosystem, dedicated to building the world’s largest blockchain ecosystem, with 12 points as the focus! Let the goods and data that need to be tracked around the world run safely, stably and at high speed in the chain, and use the “anti-tampering” technical characteristics of the whole industry chain and the whole ecosystem to solve the “trustworthiness” of the key links of the whole industry chain and the whole ecosystem, which greatly improved people’s third life happiness index.

At the same time, TLEC fully integrates the upstream and downstream resources of the industry, and has the top professional team from the underlying technology development of blockchain to program planning, operation management and market value management. TLEC comprehensively and effectively improves the circulation efficiency of the TLEC ecosystem, and truly and effectively applies the blockchain to all aspects of life!

Under the cooling environment of the global blockchain market, TLEC has not retreated, but has been on an advanced road, focusing on exploring and innovating, boldly trying and breaking through, and insisting on the application landing of blockchain. At present, the entire ecological framework of TLEC has been safely landed, and many DAPPs have landed on the blockchain, realizing the third life on the chain, solving the “integrity” problem of the entire ecosystem, and greatly promoting all aspects of life. At the same time, it is also leading the rapid transformation of the fourth industrial revolution at full speed!

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