Fortune Global 500 Listed CRCC is All Set in Shaoxing Ancient Town

China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRCC),the Fortune Global 500, announced in 2019 that it successfully expanded its real estate sector business into Shaoxing, a vibrant Chinese ancient town with a history of 2500 years.

CRCC, one of the most powerful and largest mega-sized integrated construction and engineering group worldwide, transferred from Railway Corp. of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). It has been listed on the Fortune Global 500 for 14 consecutive years and has been placed high among the Top 250 International Contractors published by Engineering News Record (ENR). The overseas business of CRCC spread around five continents, covering nearly 100 countries and regions all over the world. As for its domestic construction projects, it is responsible for the construction of China’s first subway — Beijing Subway Line 1; China’s first sea-crossing bridge — Hangzhou Bay Bridge; China’s first plateau railroad — Qinghai-Tibet Railway and other famous construction projects.

• CRCC Global Strategic Layout

In addition, CRCC Real Estate Branch holds “To Be The Most Valuable Beautiful Life Service Provider In China” and “Good Things, To Life” as its corporate vision. In recent years, CRCC Real Estate (East China) has developed rapidly that it conducted more than 30 projects in 10 cities, committing itself in building high-end residence in the core area of the city.

• Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Shaoxing, known as “The Ancient Town Of Jiangnan” for its 2500-year history, is called “the Land of Bridge”. That is because the first flyover in the world, Bazi Bridge was built 800 years ago in Shaoxing. Also, it stands for “the Land of Wine” in China because of Huangjiu (Yellow Rice Wine). Together with beer and wine, Huangjiu is considered as the world’s three major oldest alcoholic beverages, and was set on the menu for the state dinner in White House. Besides, Shaoxing is the former residence of Wang Xizhi, who was revered as the “Sage of Calligraphy” across East Asia. Under the strategy of Integration of the Yangtze Delta Area, Shaoxing grasps historical opportunities for its hub location in Hangzhou Bay, and opens a new chapter in its urban development.

• Shaoxing (shoot on location)

Being optimistic about Shaoxing’s promising future, CRCC Real Estate (East China) chooses Shaoxing as the next key city to develop its real estate business. At the same time, CRCC Real Estate (East China) will continue to practice “Build A Dream Home, Make a Better Life Strategy” for building the Global 500 standard residence in Shaoxing.  

• Shaoxing (shoot on location)

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