FreeBank Gets $10 Million In Capital Funding To Lead Digital Economy Era

Blockchain is developing rapidly, technology leapfrogging development is driving economic progress, and many digital currencies represented by Bitcoin are emerging, and the advent of the digital economy era is the trend. In the future era of digital economy, how to effectively solve the problems such as the management and application of digital currency will be the most important and difficult.

FreeBank Digital Money Bank, as a one-stop service platform for digital currencies, provides solutions with blockchain technology at its core, solving these problems perfectly and efficiently. FreeBank has thus become a leader in the digital economy of the future, favored by many of the world’s leading investment institutions, attracted the world’s attention.

FreeBank Gets $10 Million In Capital Funding To Lead Digital Economy Era


As the world’s first digital asset bank, FreeBank has solved many problems such as the inconvenience of digital currency management, high threshold of digital currency exchange and transaction, and insufficient blockchain performance in the market through technological innovation to meet the market’s just needs. At the same time, FreeBank, relying on FB Chain, pioneered cross-chain and cross-contract technology, can expand more DApp applications and services, covering the financial management, social, new media, entertainment games, life services and other major sectors, greatly expanding the platform application scene, Can be called a truly full-scene ecological application. There is no denying that the FreeBank platform market is competitive, has great business capability and is guaranteed profitability.

Application Scene

FreeBank is in line with the trend of technology, behind which there is a heavy investment from the global recruitment of blockchain technology and digital currency finance professional team escort, strength can not be underestimated. It is precisely because of the recognition of The strength of FreeBank and its prospects for development, blockchain capital (BlockChain Capital), distributed capital, Pantera Capital and other well-known investment institutions in the blockchain sector have invested in FreeBank, To date, a total of $10 million has been injected.

Among them, Distributed Capital is the first venture capital enterprise in China to focus on investing in blockchain technology-related enterprises, whose mission is to support many blockchain-related start-ups and promote the development of blockchain economy and programmable finance. In an interview, Shen Bo of Distributed Capital talked about the three characteristics of good projects: 1, to solve industry pain points; Blockchain Capital, Pantera Capital and others have unique insights into the choice of investment projects. FreeBank can be the darling of these well-known investment institutions, and its potential is limitless. I believe that with capital holdings, FreeBank will grow faster and more steadily.

The coming of the digital economy era, will set off a reshuffle of the industry restructuring, creating more opportunities, but also will usher in more challenges. In the absence of smoke on the battlefield, who will stand out, occupy the market, nothing has been determined. FreeBank has taken the lead as a dark horse. How will FreeBank develop, how far will it go, and will there be a new dark horse coming out and catching up? Let’s wait and see, witness it together!

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