The world’s first blockchain electronic contract online signing software officially launched, let the world know the chain sign treasure

Chain-stamping on the Nasdaq big screen on August 20, officially entered the global markert.

Chain-stamping is the world’s first blockchain electronic contract online signing DAPP based on the new 4.0 distributed storage public chain. It realizes one-stop processing and block of contract creation, signing, replenishment, delivery and closure through smart contracts. Decentralized processing system for chain deposits. The offering party and the contracting party on the chain signing treasure respectively create accounts in the system, obtain the address and private key (the private key is the only electronic signature with legal effect), and use the latest face recognition technology to connect the public security system to real name. After the certification, the contract is signed together with its private key.

The content of the contract is distributed and stored in various data nodes around the world. Combined with the national secret series algorithm, data can not be deleted and cannot be tampered with to ensure privacy and security. The same data is recorded and verified by the verification nodes of authoritative judicial institutions such as courts, notary offices, arbitration commissions, large enterprises, and well-known enterprises. The overall process offeror and the contractor can authorize the third party to browse, collect or revoke based on the digital identity. The whole process is efficient, convenient, legal, effective, safe and reliable.

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