Industrial giants & AFintech team up on real estate financing service, the world’s leading real estate blockchain service provider, has established strategic cooperation with AFintech. The two sides will combine traditional and blockchain approaches to provide financing services for global high-quality real estate projects, accelerating the rapid circulation of real estate in the global market.

As a pioneer and leader in the development of blockchain-based real estate industry, has taken the lead in putting forth the concept of ATO (Asset Tokenize Offering), and cooperated with real estate developers in Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, the United States and other countries on project implementation, winning a good reputation and recognition in the whole industry.

In particular, in cooperation with the project in Karuizawa, Japan, the first of its kind of, the company gained hundreds of thousands of exposure in a short time, and completed the financing of millions of dollars, which was highly recognized by its partners. has thus become the project’s exclusive agency in Greater China region thanks to its excellent performance and achievements. It has also been actively involved in the promotion of the project in operation, marketing, among others.

As is widely known, the global real estate industry has a market of over 2.7 million US dollars, coupled with the rich extension of real estate in vertical and segment areas, like hotels, shared office space, resorts, apartments and others, has undoubtedly become the leading player in this huge market.

With the development of traditional real estate, the difficulty of financing has gradually become the fundamental problem that hinders the rapid growth of small and medium-sized real estate enterprises, which is also the bottleneck that the whole real estate industry needs to break in order to develop further.

“I look forward to future cooperation with AFintech, one of Forbes’ top 10 Blockchain Companies to Watch in 2019. We are very optimistic that the traditional method combined with blockchain financing can better meet the financing needs of real estate enterprises. We hope that this combination of strong and powerful companies will benefit more and more high-quality real estate projects around the world, prompting better development of the whole real estate industry. We are open to see that more and more premium projects will come to us,” said Ricky Ng, founder and chairman of

The strategic cooperation between and AFintech has exhibited their respective fields of advantage, and helped combine tradition with blockchain technology. The selection of high quality projects will not only provide complete financing services, but also promote blockchain intelligent management, big data operations, market promotion, etc., which will foster the rapid development of the whole industry., as a global real estate blockchain service provider, will provide efficient financing services and marketing solutions, to more and more high quality projects, thus speeding up the development of the whole real estate industry, promoting the rapid flow of real estate in the global market, and creating values for the whole industry and customers.

To cooperate with, please contact Ricky: 18611251600 (phone number, which is also the WeChat account.)

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