New Zealand BEGGI temperature-controlled breathing mask released globally

With the increasing concern about breathing health, a competition centered on the market of breathing mask is playing all over the world. It is reported that one of the three nose-protective product giants, BEGGI pharmacy from New Zealand announced that it had invented the globally-first intelligent temperature-controlled breathing mask following famous gauze mask brands like 3M of America and Pitta from Japan. Except for the conventional feature of being dustproof, this newly released breathing mask is also capable of keeping out the cold, supplementing moisture to users’ skin and helping shape a thinner face for user. This new product will be later released in more than 20 countries for the first time.

It is said that compared with previous breathing mask, the most distinguishing feature of the smart temp-controlled breathing mask strongly advocated by BEGGI is the innovative features added in it.

Relevant principals in the Global Research and Development Center of BEGGI introduced that first, the mask could keep out the cold. Winter is the exact time when people will frequently use breathing mask, and BEGGI adopted the latest temp-controlled techs which can keep the mask at a constant 38 degree. So, the wearers don’t need to worry their noses and breathing systems will be uncomfortable anymore due to the temperature changes; second, the breathing mask can supplement water to users’ skin. The smart temp-controlled system is able to continuously release hot steam, acts like a constant water sprayer, keeping users’ skin even more moisturized; third, the mask is uniquely-tailored into a 4D effect which can lift the skin upwards, making our face become thinner; fourth, this brand-new product is absolutely comparable with other international brands in terms of the feature of blocking out dust.

New medical-grade material polypropylene which is consistent with European food-grade contact standard were employed in this breathing mask, so it not only makes the mask safer for users to wear, but also can effectively protect wearers’ skin from external irritations like dust, pollen, second-hand cigarette, dry and cold air and ultraviolet rays. Moreover, researchers also added some special elements such as the unique Eucalyptus essential oil from Tasmania, Australia and quercus phillyraeoides-made carbon anion technology in the mask, which made the product capable of eliminating germ, nourish nose and repair users’ breathing system.

As one of the first users, Miss Pei from Beijing said, “I have always regarded breathing mask as just a dustproof item, but the BEGGI mask really surprised me, letting me know that such a small mask can also keep us warm, improve and protect the allergic nose, and can even beautify our skin. So, for me, it is indeed an upgrading compared with the conventional breathing mask.” 

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