Shedding Light on the Private and Mysterious Marley Family

Miami, FL, USA – Almost 40 Years After Bob Marley lost his battle to Cancer, Bob’s Legacy Live On Through His Son, Julian Marley-Channeling Grief To Create Change, and Inspiration Through Music.

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• Returning to Unite Us in 2019, Almost 40 Years After Losing His Father, The Artist is Bravely Making A Difference Despite The Recent Death of His Daughter to Cancer.

• Coming off a sold out, successful West Coast Tour, the Artist is ready to open up to his Worldwide audience about his experience and grief, as a way to connect with those who need support.

• Julian identifies with the pain experienced worldwide, and wants to spread the mission of “Hope” for all. Julian took to press recently to address his mysterious absence, cancellations, and to discuss how the dedicated Humanitarian, is making a legendary impact on Reggae Music and Children’s Cancer, alongside research organization and founder of CannaKids, Tracy Ryan.

• Even in Appearance Julian is identical to his father Bob Marley, and especially in his music and humanitarian work. Julian honors his father and daughter’s legacy, Rastafarian beliefs, and redefines Reggae’s healing message for today’s advanced listeners. Julian is evolving the healing sounds of Reggae, so its roots stay deep and strong in modern society, and continue to inspire future generations to come. Julian Marley’s latest “As I Am” album is set to soothe our hearts, and create awareness with his worldwide audience.

“I became connected with CannaKids because of personal reasons, I recently lost my daughter to cancer, and it was hard to look at the whole world and see that there really is not treatment at the hospitals. I found Cannakids and it gave me hope, I wish I would have found them sooner.” – Julian Marley

The story Julian only recently made public to his fans, explains what led to a few tour postponements – since his latest album release. Over the summer Julian suffered the loss of His 11 year old daughter, deeply loved and honored by all. His 2nd family member to be lost to cancer, a heart shattering tragedy for Julian, after losing his father almost 40 years ago.

“Reggae Music is more important now than ever. It’s the music of liberty, spreading a message of urgency, unity and hope for the people.” – Julian Marley

Julian has bravely endured these heart shattering tragedies, and vows to continue creating healing awareness, through his global reach, and growing Reggae Roots deeper in to the evolving culture.

Just this week, Snoop Dogg reached out to all of his fans on Facebook, to post a recent article supporting Julian’s tour – and garner support for his cause. – ABNEWSWIRE

In both grief and determination, Julian courageously takes to his advocacy and music, to soothe our hearts-and his, through the healing power of his inspirational music. Carving out his own legacy, Julian is redefining the messages in Reggae music, passed down from generations of Rastafari, to motivate a new era advocacy, health awareness, and sustainability. Education to exercise our natural rights, and medicinal education, is a cornerstone of Julian’s mission.

With the help of research pioneer Tracy Ryan of CannaKids, and the charity Saving Sophie/JUJU ROYAL Foundation, they are raising funds and awareness to find a means to an end. Julian aims to bring proven data, results and treatment, to children needlessly suffering.

This Fall at the 2nd annual, “Saving Sophie’s Strides in Science Gala,” will honor Julian Marley with the prestigious “Icon of the Year Award”, and recognize the entire Marley family, for their years of dedication to healing society.

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