Nickeltyics announces active campaigns across Florida Giving Rideshare Drivers an Opportunity to Earn Additional Income

Fort Myers, FL – August 26, 2019 – Nickeltyics newest product offering aims to leverage the power of gig drivers to fuel its OOH advertising service to businesses. The great news for those who currently drive for rideshare companies is that they now have an opportunity to earn extra income without having to do any extra work.

Nickeltyics will pay these drivers (up to $500 per month) to wrap its customer ads on their cars so that while they are out driving and meeting new people they are also generating thousands of impressions for those ads that are on their cars. By joining the Nickeltyics team drivers will earn money by capitalizing on an opportunity to promote awesome businesses who are looking to increase their brand awareness.

The company will use top quality vehicle wraps to deliver messages on Rideshare vehicles that travel at least 30 miles each day through busy city streets and it will also be able to tell who saw the ad.

“We want to promote the fact that we have active campaigns for a number of clients across Florida, and are looking for drivers who qualify that are interested in making more money. Once they have the ads wrapped on their cars all they have to do is drive like it’s another day in the office. It’s that simple and it’s a win-win for everyone,” says Nickeltyics CEO, Judah Longgrear.

Built on a model of, “We Wrap, You Drive, You Earn” this venture allows Nickeltyics to provide the brands that want to advertise while drivers provide their cars which serves as the canvas to advertise on.

According to Longgrear, “The real magic is in the data. Our proprietary technology tracks who sees the ad and analyzes the demographics. We even capture-device ID for the ad on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.”

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As Brand Ambassadors these drivers must have the specified qualifications. The ideal drivers for this position must:

● Have a 2010 car or newer

● Drive a Min 30mi / day, 150mi / week, ~4500mi / month

● Possess a 4.6+ Star rating Uber/Lyft or better

● Mainly drive in Nickelytics target markets

● Have a valid Driver License 

All interested drivers who meet these requirements are asked to visit their website at

About Nickelytics:

Nickeltyics is a marketing agency that provides dynamic advertising solutions that help increase gig economy drivers pay.

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