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People Can Find Jobs For Trucking With CDL Experience

August 27, 2019 – Chicago – Driver Ryan Gonzels had been very concerned about how he was going to get his next trucking job. “It seems like with the ongoing tariffs with China, the trucking industry is only going to have a harder time going places, and I couldn’t pay my bills,” he says.

It has become more expensive than ever before to take in goods and to ship them around the United States due to tariffs. As a result, some trucking companies are losing more than half of their work. They are struggling to keep their drivers and owner operators active even in this time period, and drivers fighting to get some work from companies.

But Gonzels contacted Natex Intermodal. He found that it was easy for him to find new work.

“The people at Natex respect my skills,” he says. “They know that I have the experience needed to get products out anywhere.”

He also remarked on their support for steamship lines, stating, “They do well with many steamship lines which control 80% of Import and Export to and from the USA. The people there know what they are getting in and who they are contacting for help.”

Natex Intermodal Truck is looking to bring in many more drivers. The company is currently looking to find experience intermodal drivers and owner operators with their CDLs intact. The service is aiming to go forward with handling CDL activities quite well. Only the best and most experienced drivers can benefit from what is being provided through the system that Natex is providing.

Gonzels is one of more than sixty drivers have taken advantage of the great offers that Natex is providing to drivers.

“It’s difficult for me to find work during down periods, so the effort that Natex is putting in for me is a huge plus,” Gonzels added.

But one of the best things that NATEX does is street turning 90% of their containers which means 70% increase in owner operators pay.

The work includes great pay schedules that fit the needs of all people. The work that the company provides has been very helpful in ensuring that people can make more out of the work they want to plan and put in.

Information on what Natex Intermodal has to offer for Intermodal truckers who are looking for the best working experiences around can be found at The site has thorough information on what people can do to sign up to work for the company.

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