Find New Perspective to Explore the Lipidomics with Creative Proteomics

About 70% of the metabolites in plasma are lipids, and lipid metabolism is the major class of metabolism of plants and animals. With the wide application of mass spectrometry (MS), the development of lipidomics has been greatly accelerated and it has become one of the most active research fields in metabolomics.

Lipid regulates cell growth, differentiation, aging, and death; lipid is closely related to intelligence and memory; it affects the development of many diseases, including tumors.

Lipomics can screen biomarkers for disease diagnosis, disease staging/typing, and prognosis. It has also been used in drug development, such as the development of polyketide anti-microbial, anti-parasitic and anti-tumor drugs. Combined with other omics, it can clarify changes in disease more clearly.

At Creative Proteomics, the main contents of lipidomics research are: analysis and identification of lipids and their metabolites; lipid function and metabolism regulation (including key genes/proteins/enzymes); lipid metabolism pathways and networks. To be specific:

a. Large-scale and high-precision analysis to identify humoral lipid metabolites and their relationship to important diseases;

b. The relationship between dynamic changes of cells and their regional lipid groups and abnormal cellular functions;

c. The relationship between metabolic regulation of cholesterol and its oxidative modification processes and related metabolic diseases;

d. The relationship between metabolic regulation of fatty acids and related metabolic diseases;

e. The relationship between the lipid group and its metabolic regulation and the essential membrane structure necessary for life;

f. The basis for the development of lipid metabolites and their metabolic pathways and related drugs.

However, the establishment of extraction and separation standards, development of software and databases, in-depth research on metabolic pathways and networks, and the establishment and improvement of related bioinformatics technology systems are three issues that need to be addressed.

“With an integrated set of separation, characterization, identification and quantification system, featured with excellent robustness & reproducibility, high and ultra-sensitivity, Creative Proteomics provides reliable, rapid and cost-effective targeted lipidomics services as below.” Said by a chief scientist from Creative Proteomics.

In recent years, many mathematical models have been applied to the biochemical analysis of lipidomics and metabolomics, but the qualitative quantification of metabolites still has been a great challenge.

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