Grandfather Risks Everything To Achieve Lifelong Dream For His Family

Grandfather Risks Everything To Achieve Lifelong Dream For His Family
The Thomas Nat Project; a Lifetime In The Making

When it comes to The Thomas Nat Project, Thomas’ story is so unique that it tends to boggle the minds of those who catch wind of it. Though many can hear his tale in the songs he leaves at listeners’ doorsteps leaving it up to them if they want to let him into not only their homes, but hearts, minds, and souls.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” The first time Thomas heard those words escape from George Harrison’s “Brainwashed,” he thought to himself, “That’s the story of my life.” So that was when, some 15 or so years ago, that Thomas threw his life into high gear and created The Thomas Nat Project.

Thomas had a message he needed to express and for so long wondered how he’d get it out. The Thomas Nat Project was the way and it didn’t matter how long or how much the journey would tally up. He wanted everyone to hear. His Leave Your Mark promises to help people unwind the mind to refocus and reboot, if only for a few moments in time.

Thomas Nat has written over 50 pieces since 2005. Leave Your Mark narrows it down to 16. Thomas isn’t a man looking to be a rock star and nor does he consider himself a singer. At his core, he is a storyteller, a writer. Leave Your Mark is for anyone looking to spread his message.

Those interested in adding Leave Your Mark to their rock playlists, reviewing the album, or interviewing Thomas Nat can reach out via the information provided below.

To hear more from The Thomas Nat Project, head here to check out his single “Leave Your Mark”:


In 2005 The Thomas Nat Project was created by a 49-year-old who never gave up on his dream to create music that inspires.



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