New Zealand Introduces ETA Visa (NZeTA) for all Visitors

August 27, 2019 Visitors to New Zealand will need to obtain the New Zealand ETA Visa, or NZ eTA. The new rule comes into force after the launch of the eVisa by Immigration Agency of the government on October 1, 2019. The NZeTA is meant for authorization to travel in New Zealand for short stays, tourism or business visits. The eVisa is applicable for all non-citizens entering New Zealand.

It is easy to obtain the NZ eTA or NZeTA in just three steps: Fill up the online form, make the payment, and receive the eVisa via e-mail.

The electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) is obligatory for citizens of all 60 countries that enjoy visa waiver. Cruise travelers too will need to obtain NZeTA, as well as the crew of airlines and cruise lines, who can obtain the Crew NZeTA before entering the country.

The NZeTA is open for citizens of all countries. For airline travelers, there is a special condition – air travelers must originate from any of the visa free or visa waiver countries in order for their NZeTA to be valid. Travelers of cruise lines are exempt from this condition.

The new eTA need not be obtained for each visit, as the NZeTA is valid for two years and allows multiple visits. The application process is easy, and forms can be submitted via phone, tablets or desktops. The form is simple and can be filled up in five minutes. The entire process is online, and applications can be made from anywhere.

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