Exploring the Opportunities in 3D Bio-Printing Market in North America

Exploring the Opportunities in 3D Bio-Printing Market in North America

As per the report of Stratview Research, the 3D Bio-Printing Market in North America is estimated to take a leap of CAGR 14.9% by 2025.
Stratview Research has come up with a report on the Opportunities in 3D Bio-Printing in North America and has forecasted that the future of 3D Bio-Printing is bright as the process will be able to solve out the problem of organ transplant without waiting for a donor.

Stratview Research has published a report on the opportunities in 3D Bio-Printing in North America to take a dig in the 3D Bio-printing market that is expected to revolutionize the way humans are treated currently.

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As of now, there are about 100, 000 Americans nationwide who are in need of organ transplant, among which there are about 2000 children. A maximum number of children are below 10 years of age and need a kidney, liver, or heart transplant. The transplant can only happen when someone else donates the organ for the cause. Unfortunately, the supply falls far short of the demand, due to which so many people die almost every day. With technology stepping in, a new dimension has been achieved with options such as 3D bioprinting that will be able to save lives without the need to wait for the organs from a donor.

The report published by Stratview Research considers Bio-printing to be a promising technology for fabricating artificial tissues and organs that can fast track the process and enhance the treatment of many different ailments where organ transplant is required. As per the report, the North America 3D Bio-printing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.9% till 2025.

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Bio-printers function on a similar concept as that of 3D printers. The only difference is that bio-printers deposit layers of biomaterial instead, including living cells, to build complex structures like blood vessels of skin tissue. For doing so, the needed cells are extracted from the patient and then is cultivated until there are enough to create the bio-ink, which is then loaded into the printer. (Source: Piotr Wnuk)

The report on opportunities in 3D Bio-Printing Market in North America by Stratview Research observed and stated dental implants and prosthetics to be major beneficiaries that can offer more opportunities for new investors. As per predicted by the report of Stratview Research, in terms of technology, photo-polymerization will have the largest market share in North America by 2025.

The report by Stratview Research talks about key companies such as 3D Bio-Printing Solutions Russia. Also, it states many other companies too such as Cellin, Bio3D, and Organov that shall lead the market in the coming future.

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Salient Features of the Report

The Stratview Report will dive in the 3D Bio-Printing market in North America and has these salient features:

  • Strategic Segmentation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Growth Opportunities
  • Swot Analysis
  • Key Players
  • Forecast Analysis & Future Growth

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