World debut – GGBTC has officially started Project A

GGBTC is the world’s leading digital currency exchange. Up to now, the total financing amount has exceeded 50 million RMB. GGBTC provides diversified system functions such as token trading, financing, and margin trading, and over-the-counter trading to meet the trading needs of various investors. 

As a global new digital currency exchange, GGBTC has always insisted on strictly selecting each digital currency to ensure mutual benefit and win-win for the market, user, and project side.

At present, GGBTC token listing system has its system characteristics under the demands of the user and market.

GGBTC has weekly matrix activity of 50% discount on new cryptocurrencies and monthly activity of 50% discount on mainstream cryptocurrencies. The promotional events organized by GGBTC not only benefit users, but also bring more traffic attention to the premium projects than other exchanges.

To respond to the rapid development of the global digital currency market, meet the diverse needs of global users for digital currency, and promote the sustainable development of blockchain business, GGBTC has launched the Project A. The details are as follows:

I. The activity time

August 25, 2019 – December 25, 2019

II. The election requirements

1. All projects that have been listed on the exchange for more than 3 months;

2. All projects with high popularity in the industry;

3. All projects that have made word debut on the top exchanges or mainstream platforms around the world;

4. Projects willing to work with GGBTC for long-term development;

5. The market performance and the team are stable and have a high degree of attention;

6. No major negative news.

III. The rules of token listing

1. Tokens can be listed on GGBTC by locking 10000GGC.

2. Each person is limited to purchase 300USDT-600USDT.

3. The project is of high quality and the community is willing to make a profit concession.

Note: if the activity is adjusted, the official GGBTC update shall prevail. GGBTC reserves the right to make adjustments to the rules of token listing at any time due to changes caused by market environment, policy guidance or force majeure, or the existence of fraud risk.

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