YOSUN.Wuhan International Fashion Center Officially Opened on August 25th.

YOSUN·Wuhan International Fashion Center is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Duofu Road in Qiaokou District. As a professional market with “An industrial center centered on clothing trade and a fashion center centered on clothing”, YOSUN·Wuhan International Fashion Center will be built into the premier Asian fashion industry cluster in Central China, using global fashion resources to empower China and emerge markets.

The center will create three platforms: THE PLACE, YOSHOP original collection, and YFD incubator. THE PLACE integrates growth brand, enterprise, e-commerce office and display, and is an outstanding  international fashion market in Central China. YOSHOP original collection brings together world-renowned independent designer brands to create a Chinese original fashion collection center. YFD incubator is the first incubation platform in Central China with the core of fashion and original industry. It explores and cultivates global original designers and provides designers with all-round customization assistance. At the same time, the center will also provide ten major services for merchants to enter, including Small Order with Quick Production, Smart Cloud Warehouse, and Network Trend Center.

YOSUN Wuhan International Fashion Center has also signed hundreds of South Korean brands and well-known designers to promote the brand and high-end development of Hanzheng Street, bringing Wuhan the simultaneous broadcast of DOOTA in South Korea.

Wuhan is one of nine national central cities and an important waterway transportation hub. It has always been a key area for many brands to distribute in the country and has good market inclusiveness. Hanzheng Street is also the fashion gateway of Wuhan, which holds the lifeline of Wuhan’s commercial economy. YOSUN Wuhan International Fashion Center bears the historic mission of reviving Greater Wuhan and advancing the city towards modernization, internationalization and ecologicalization. In the future, YOSUN Wuhan International Fashion Center will join hands with global design and brand strength to enhance the original design and brand building capabilities of Han-style clothing, present a new landmark of Wuhan fashion based on the international, and help Wuhan develop into a fashion capital with global influence.

In the next step, YOSUN Wuhan International Fashion Center will form a fashion industry chain base with Wuhan as the core. Its service scope will radiate from Wuhan to the whole central China region, and it will realize an industrial scale of “Too Many Millions” with 100 billion output value, 10 billion tax revenue and more than 10,000 jobs.

On the day of the event, 2019 China Hanzheng Street International Fashion Industry Summit was held in YOSUN Wuhan International Fashion Center. Experts, scholars and designers from China and South Korea made suggestions on the development of Hanzheng Street and fashion industry.

On the same day, the 357-year-old Baoshou Bridge also moved back to its original site. Founded in 1662, Baoshou Bridge is one of more than 30 bridges on the Yudai River. With the continuous transformation and upgrading of Hanzheng Street, the Yudai River channel has been slowly filled up. In the early days of the founding of New China, the bridge body of Baoshou Bridge was covered with cement and became a section of road surface in Baoshou Lane. In 2016, when the project of YOSUN Wuhan International Fashion Center was developed, Baoshou Bridge was dug out and protection work was started at the same time, bringing Baoshou Bridge back to light. In April this year, the move-back work of Baoshou Bridge was officially started.

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