Local Company Helps Pittsburgh Area Residents by Providing High-Quality Water Softeners

The team at Puronics of Pittsburgh is providing a free quote on water softeners for clients concerned with their current water quality. A water softener can help control and eliminate the calcium and magnesium found in “hard water” deposits.

Puronics employees know that hard water can have a significant impact on not only plumbing but on dishware and skin as well. That’s why they are ready to consult with home and business owners on the benefits of installing water softeners in Pittsburgh, PA. They are more than happy to illustrate how water softener systems can deal with and even eliminate hard water, which is a common concern in municipal water systems.

Water softener systems work to eliminate these minerals and make the water easier on clothing, household appliances, commercial equipment, and plumbing pipes and fixtures. There are various types of water softeners, and they all work to upgrade the quality of water. They can also work in conjunction with other water systems to help provide the cleanest, clearest water possible.

Some treatment systems target bacteria in filter media as an additional safeguard to for users while others are focused on reducing levels of chloramine in municipal water systems. More information can be found here.

Equipment from Puronics, Incorporated is used to treat millions of gallons of water per year at a variety of locations from homes to restaurants, hotels, dry cleaners, and country clubs, along with other types of businesses. Large-scale customers use their products for many purposes, such as pre-treatment of boilers, water heaters, dishwashers, and steam-handling equipment.

Call 412-238-7078 to learn more about the free consultation offered by Puronics of Pittsburgh. The company’s website also has additional information. They serve customers in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding area.

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