Therapist Andre Moore discusses challenges and solutions to accepting moral differences among partners

Therapist Andre Moore discusses challenges and solutions to accepting moral differences among partners

André Anthony Moore, LMFT

Relationships can be both highly rewarding, yet challenging in ways many couples don’t often expect. One of these unique challenges, according to leading marriage and family therapist Andre Moore, is handling moral differences between partners.

Morals allow individuals to live their life authentically, staying true to who they are as a person. They are often part of deeply held beliefs about what is or is not “right”. They can be learned through experience, or ingrained through family, culture, society and other influences.

Differing Morals – a Cause for Concern or an Opportunity for Couples to Grow Stronger

Naturally, many couples have concerns that differing morals and values may negatively impact the health of their relationship, especially as it relates to those couples contemplating life-partners.

What happens when the morals of one partner are not in alignment with another? What challenges does this discrepancy in beliefs cause and what types of solutions are available to cope with such challenges? According to Andre Moore, moral differences are common between partners and can, in many cases, be worked through in a way that is positive and healing.

Moore contends that although opposing values and opinions on major life issues can create friction, they are not necessarily “deal breakers”. In fact, many couples who work go through couples counseling with Moore end up coming out the other side having a stronger relationship than when they started.

The key, as it were, is not the issue or problem, but the way in which partners work together to address those issues.

Dealing with Differences – in a positive way

According to Moore, licensed marriage and family therapist in New York, there are a number of simple yet effective approaches to deal with handling differences in morals and values in a constructive way. Although this process is best facilitated by a licensed marriage and couples counselor such as Andre Moore, couples may also work these strategies into their daily lives on their own.

1. The Right Type of Communication

Communication is key to any relationship and/or dispute. Take a moment to actively listen to what each other have to say. Individuals should describe their feelings and reasoning for feeling that way calmly, respectfully and honestly. What should be avoided is attacking the other person’s ideas.

2. Embrace Empathy and Understanding

According to Moore, both individuals in the relationship should make a concerted effort to understand where each is coming from. Understanding underlying reasons for something may make understanding the person easier.

3. Seek Out Common Ground

Common ground is often a safe place to land, according to Moore. Even with differences, each individual is likely to agree on certain key aspects of the issue at hand. Partners should place emphasis on the agreeable aspects of the topic and work to find a compromise that each can adhere and respect out of love for the other.

4. Don’t Force Things

Moore advises that imposing one’s beliefs on another person is unhealthy and unwise. He contends that having varying opinions can make a relationship both healthy and interesting and that couples should find ways to embrace differences.

Seeking Out Professional Help

One of the best things a couple can do is to seek out couples or marriage counseling. Professionals such as Andre Moore have helped countless individuals strengthen relationships, work through issues, and come out the other side stronger than ever.

Partners interested in learning more about Andre Moore or his counseling services are encouraged to reach out via his official website or by calling 212-673-4618

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