Driverless patrol car debuts at China’s smart expo

China’s first driverless patrol car made its debut to the public at the 2019 Smart China Expo in Chongqing on Monday. As one of the most eye-catching exhibits, the cruiser showcases a three-dimensional patrol and smart police system.

The second generation of AIMO’s driverless patrol car

The patrol car, newly developed by AIMO Tech, aims to solve problems in current patrol systems such as staff shortages, delays responding to alarms, and inconvenient cooperation and interaction between police authorities. As an updated vision of its first generation, which uses L4 self-driving technology, V2X Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems, new energy and 5G, the new generation could provide saturated police patrol coverage by supplying manpower, expanding the patrol ranges and increasing efficiency.

The first generation of AIMO’s driverless patrol car

A special command module was adopted to support more complicated demands. The 360-degree dynamic monitor, moving targets detection, tracking system and in-depth connection with the special police network will enable the patrol car to become the first stage for mobile decision making. 

Self-driving is a key technology for intelligent transportation systems, said Li Hansheng, the CEO of AIMO, noting that the unicorn will continue efforts to make the transportation systems of the future environmentally sustainable.

Since AIMO was established in Chongqing in 2018, it has been considered as a dark horse in the industry, after rolling out several self-driving patrol cars. The unicorn has vowed to use technology to create a city of the future.

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