Leap Into the Mine, Move Out Into Wealth

American Invon Capital Company has entered the blockchain industry. To commemorate the ten-year history of Bitcoin, “mining” will be given new meaning. Invon Capital plans to invest 10,000 bitcoins into the mining ring and the Geek team “New Future” will receive a first round investment of 5,000 bitcoins. Reportedly, the team itself will create a mining “consensus”, update the 5G-network bandwidth, and streamline AI-chip technology through the usage of multi-chain, cross-chain and other comparable technologies. This increasingly expansive production capacity integral to chip technology will mobilize digital currency into mainstream society and will foster, as well as embody, the core competitive value of the mining machine in the future. Opportunities will be created around every corner and there is no better time than now to act.


Mining with mining machines is not the only way to generate digital currency. The Geek team will also create a new method of mining designated as POA (Proof of Assets).

The POA protocol provides a “use case” for entity asset tokenization and documentation. These assets are continuously certified via digital signatures arising from the various chains of regulated participants such as gold suppliers, custodians, and auditors. The resulting numbers are further stored and mined through upload and provision into the IPFS cloud service protocol.

In similar nature to the ASIC chip, the three elements that determine the development of the AI-chip are algorithms, computing power, and data. However, the mining machine chip itself surpasses the ordinary chip in computing power and the additional research experience inherent in the mining machine chip can be extended to the AI chip.


Artificial intelligence algorithms achieve N-linkage with Blockchain algorithms and its applicable ASIC chip. It injects blockchain algorithmic mining and AI-chip mining into the mining ring and builds a “New Future” within the mining circle. This empowers the blockchain industry entity and will help reshape “mining” rights and ultimately achieve global consensus.

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